About BizInsure

What is BizInsure?

BizInsure is the future of small business insurance.

We are an insurance agency that combines knowledgeable, licensed human support with the simplicity and affordability of technology.  With BizInsure, you can ‘Click or Call’ to compare multiple top rated business insurance quotes within minutes, and buy with us online or over the phone. Your evidence of insurance will be emailed instantly and you will have access to our licensed agents for the entire time that you remain a BizInsure customer.

Business insurance just got smarter™ – introducing BizInsure.

Why BizInsure?

Our Philosophy

We believe the insurance industry is overdue for a change.

The way business is being done is changing daily, but the insurance industry has been slow to catch up. Brokers are doing the same things today as they were doing a century ago, and until now there hasn’t been an alternative. BizInsure is forcing a new and innovative way of thinking about, underwriting, and quoting business insurance. We are committed to simplifying the experience and providing unparalleled access to affordable and reliable end-to-end insurance solutions.

Our Process

Three Simple Steps. 10 Short Minutes.

Complete simple application

Compare competing quotes

Purchase and receive policy by email - instantly!

We will provide you with access to our licensed agents throughout the process and for the duration of your policy period.

Our Roots

We know insurance. We know technology.

BizInsure is grounded in both insurance and technology expertise. We are the product of two great companies coming together – Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. (WS&Co.) and BizCover Pty Ltd (BizCover).

BizCover created one of the first online insurance marketplaces in the world. BizCover enriches our offerings with a technology foundation that has enabled us to operate efficiently using proven systems and pre-established processes.

WS&Co. is one of the largest and most respected independent insurance brokerage and consulting firms in America, with nearly 100 years of risk-management expertise, industry leadership and market clout.

With our roots in eminent companies like WS&Co. and BizCover, we are not just another Website with dubious reliability. BizInsure was created by experienced insurance professionals who avail themselves with cutting-edge technology. This unique combination affords BizInsure an unparalleled opportunity to modernize commercial insurance in the U.S.

Our Values

BizInsure is uncompromisingly committed to these values in direct service to our customers:

  • Quality
  • Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Innovation
  • Choice
  • Integrity
  • Specialization
  • Service
  • Community