No matter how automated and electronic our industry gets, insurance is still about people helping people – and we really mean it – introducing BizCare.

Corporate Citizenship at BizInsure

In 2007, BizInsure’s President launched Woodruff-Sawyer ’s community service initiative called CARE (Community, Activism, Responsibility and Enhancement). Our mission is to make a positive impact, for our clients, as active contributors to society, and as a positive example of corporations today.  For us this means an uncompromising commitment to behaving responsibly, justly, and compassionately, for the sake of our customers, our employees, and the communities and environment in which we live and work.

Sustainable Business Practices

We increasingly incorporate sustainability into our workflow, personal lives and interaction with clients. Via education and corporate incentives we promote the use of technology-based tools versus paper, drive zip cars or public transportation for local business, and use recycled materials wherever possible.

Support for the Community

We’re dedicated to fostering community, both within our company and outside through volunteer activities and corporate contributions; food bank donations, big brother/big sister mentoring, blood drives, clothing drives, park clean-up and wherever we can lend a helpful hand.

High Ethical Standards

Our behaviors exemplify honesty, good faith, accountability, knowledge sharing and skills development — we engage in these behaviors daily. We’re upfront about our deliverables, have transparent compensation and invest in the development of others.