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Introducing Social Media Insurance

... the pain from your daily feed. No harm, no foul. But when you operate a #business and have your own professional account, the stakes can be a little higher. You could not only offend and alienate your customer base, or ...

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California Professional Liability Insurance Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

... State. California organizations that offer professional advice or perform a specialized ... service should consider purchasing Professional Liability ... Tax Benefits – Check with your business accountant to confirm if there are any tax benefits to buying a Professional Liability Insurance policy. You may find that all or even a portion of the premium is a deductible ...

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How Will Your Texas Business Benefit from Professional Liability Insurance?

... the Texas firms that provide professional advice or perform specialized services ... should consider adding Professional Liability Insurance to their ... Verify with your company's accountant or CFO to confirm if there are any possible tax benefits to having a Professional Liability Insurance policy. For example, you may find that all or even a portion of the E&O premium ...

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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is the one ... of business insurance that most professional service providers agree is non ... personal lives, most ... trust that such an individual has done their job to the best of their ability, others may be upset if the professional could not get them the desired result. For example, if a real estate agent were to lose a sale for a ...

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All You Need to Know about Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

... building flashy city skyscrapers. Design professionals bid on many exciting and ... tremendous success, as well as professional growth. Most of the ... date then it will not be covered no matter when it is reported. If you do have a Claims-Made Professional Liability plan, you will want to be sure to keep your policy active with no lapses in coverage. This is ...

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Insurance for Videographer

... . Some of the factors that impact the cost, or premium, for a Professional Liability policy include: Revenue size: The more you earn as a videographer, the more you have at stake, so the higher your insurance cost ...

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Professional Liability Insurance

... Costs and expenses related to a judgment Who needs Professional Liability Insurance? Professionals, and businesses that provide professional services such as giving advice, making educated recommendations, designing ...

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Professional Liability Insurance California

... or employees caused some form of financial damage to your clients. Take for example you offered a professional service that did not suit your customer. They suffered personal and financial damages after using your ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Florida

... policy is an essential policy that protects you and your company in case of a lawsuit due to alleged professional wrongdoing. No matter how experienced you are and how good you are at what you do, mistakes happen ...

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What is Professional Liability insurance and why you need it for your Florida business

Nothing turns your world upside down like the fateful words you have been served. A lawsuit is every small businesss worst nightmare. Not only it means damage to your ... would be brought in by a third party alleging financial damages as a result from your professional services. A Professional Liability policy covers the legal defense costs, and payouts to the plaintiff, up to the policy ...

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What is Professional Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers?

Decades ago the fitness industry took the US by storm and continues to grow rapidly. In fact, according to statista.com, the industry revenue in the US alone is $25 ... well. As we mentioned at the earlier, a General Liability policy specifically excludes any advice you give in a professional capacity. So, if you were mopping the floor, forgot to put up a “wet floor” sign and a customer ...

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Why Not Protect Your Stamp with Professional Liability for Architects?

Maybe you've been designing and building residential homes, landscapes, and business complexes for many years. Or perhaps you are new to the design industry and recently ... to plan for such a rainy day. It will cover the costs from a liability allegation which will keep your professional and personal assets secure. There's another way to think about it. Can you really afford to go without ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Texas

... was an error or omission in your work or that work wasn't up to par. But if you are covered with professional liability Insurance, it safeguards you and your business from third party claims brought on as a result of ...

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What You Need to Know About the Cost of Engineer Professional Liability Insurance

Savvy budgeting and careful consideration of any new expenses are must-haves for any business owner who wants to expand and grow her company. However, every business ... Liability policy, creating a gap in coverage that needs to be filled. If your firm is sued due to a professional wrongdoing, the E&O policy will cover the cost to defend you in court as well as any awards, settlements ...

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All you wanted to know about Engineer's Professional Liability insurance

Do you like paying a monthly premium for your insurance? The answer is probably not. No business owner that we ever talked to is excited about the prospect of paying ... your company. The more people that are working for you, the higher the chance that one of them will commit a professional error, and thus, the policy will have to pay. The higher the risk for the insurance company - the ...

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Consumer Demands and Professional Liability Insurance Go Hand in Hand

In the modern world, consumers can perform thorough research on thousands of options before deciding where to buy their services. Throughout the research process there ... the Academy Awards will require a much more sophisticated haircut and perhaps additional premium services such as professional color or even extensions. Instead of a local barber she will likely seek out a highly trained ...

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Professional Liability Insurance FAQs

... FAQ s designed to make insurance easy to understand. What does Professional Liability insurance cover? How much does Professional Liability insurance cost? What is the difference between General Liability insurance ...

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Increase Productivity and Work Satisfaction in 11 Minutes

... any occupation where you provide professional services that lead or motivate ... , I highly recommend watching this video. It provides a literal illustration ... owner managing employees or in any occupation where you provide professional services that lead or motivate others, I highly recommend watching this video. It provides a literal illustration of the key points from ...

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Is an Accounting Certification Right for You?

... next level? As an Accounting Professional, you have great options for ... ... include a required tax form when filing your client's tax return, causing your client to incur fees, your professional liability steps in to protect you. Keep in mind, you may have not done anything wrong and may still ...

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What You Need to Know About Notary Public Liability Insurance

... people put trust in your professional advice and services is prone ... negligent acts performed in your professional capacity. As human beings, we ... you in terms of managing your finances. This is why it is another reason to be proactive about your professional liabilities and get the right insurance from a well-reputed firm to ensure you would not have to pay the ...

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Why Do I Need Accountant Liability Insurance?

Accounting professionals make the confusing, arcane and ... understandable. To do this, accounting professionals must keep up with laws ... ... or fail to do something. That's what errors and omissions coverage is for. It is the crown jewel of Professional Liability insurance. Why You Must Have it: Let's say its tax season. You and your small team of staff ...

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Nutritionist Insurance: Guide Your Patients, Protect Your Practice

... field as a proud medical professional, ready to help make significant ... ... required by law dependent on the area in which your practice exists. If you are not in private practice, Professional Liability insurance is still crucial. As an employee at an entity like a home health agency, you may ...

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Why Do I Need Estheticians Liability Insurance?

... if you are an established professional with years of experience, one ... ... and future lifestyle? Could you afford to really not be covered? Since we are discussing why you need a professional liability policy, we would be remiss in failing to mention the following - why it's important to have ...

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What Is Estheticians Liability Insurance

As a professional esthetician, you provide services to ... ... a day. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to walk out of your spa as happy customers. Professional liability insurance, otherwise known as an errors & omissions policy, is designed to protect you in a case of ...

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Breaking Down the Facts About California Errors and Omissions Insurance

... Errors and Omissions Insurance (aka Professional Liability insurance) helps service-based ... ... industry or task. They operate as independent contractors in some cases but can also be accused of professional misconduct or faulty data and recommendations for their clients. What is Covered and What is Not Covered ...

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How Much Money Will You Make as a Management Consultant?

... most mature markets in the professional services industry. Management consultants [ ... ... well as the fees for hiring a lawyer. Very often, a client will require that you are insured with professional liability insurance for a management consultant before hiring you. So, whether you are planning to become a ...

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Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

... winning difference for small business professionals? If you get in a ... ... on (who you are and) where you want to be. Whether you're a consultant or a small business professional, if you and/or your employees can't articulate specific reasons why prospects should do business with you instead ...

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Discover the engineering disciplines with the highest salaries

... steps to become a licensed professional. With more than five major ... ... can be held liable for the sub-optimal quality of work, delays, negligence, or non-adherence to budget. Professional liability insurance is a must-have for engineers at both entry level and at a senior level to obtain ...

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Steps To Starting Your Own Architecture Firm

As architecture is a highly skilled field that demands competency in multiple domains including engineering, design, communication, management, information technology ... pay hefty penalties. Get business insurance : Architects professional liability insurance is one of the key factors ... design, business cards, office design, and photography. Have a website: Many customers turn to ...

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Home Based Business Insurance

... & reception services Beautician Consultants Dog walking Dog grooming Graphic designer Hairdresser Online shops Photographer Writers Web developer Insurance for Home-Based Businesses General Liability Insurance One of ...

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Yoga Instructor Certification: Cost and Analysis

The benefits of regular yoga practice are becoming known to more people every day. The ancient practice now has more than 20 million practitioners in the United States ... complete a certification online through self-paced modules and video instruction, or you can fly to India to ... more you teach the better. Your certification and professional liability insurance will give you an edge when ...

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How Much Yoga Instructors Make + 5 Tips to Earn More

Yoga teachers are among the unsung heroes of our days helping students to de-stress, stay balanced, strong and flexible. Teaching yoga is a noble calling, and yoga is ... Handbook predicts the demand for fitness-related professionals, including yoga instructors to grow faster than ... offer subscriptions, philosophy, educational materials, and video classes. Yoga instructor pay can vary. ...

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The Average Consultants' Salary and How to Earn More

Consulting work may seem like a very glamorous profession. Jetting from coast-to-coast for client meetings, business dinners, and hotel room stays. However, at the end ... publish business websites, blog posts, Facebook pages, videos, e-books, and articles. All of these ... also an excellent way to share your know-how and professional success so potential customers will be more likely to trust ...

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How Much Do Personal Trainers Make + 4 Hacks to Earn More

Did you know that personal training is one of the fastest growing careers in America with projected 330,000 jobs by 2026? It boasts flexible hours, low barriers to ... On an instinct, people tend to trust the professionals that are certified in whatever service they are ... tools at your disposal. Consider recording some YouTube videos and being active on popular social media platforms ...

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Insurance for Notary Public

... you to compare multiple quotes so you can compare cost and coverage. What is Professional Liability Insurance? Professional Liability, otherwise known as E&O insurance, protects your business against claims of negligence ...

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How Much Does Accountants Liability Insurance Cost?

Accountants play an important role in helping individuals and businesses manage their finances. As an Accountant, you work with important, private and sensitive information ... day and night to keep up with the workload. You want to settle this matter with the clients. Your Professional Liability policy steps in to help you pay for legal counsel and prepare a settlement. These scenarios are ...

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How Much Does Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance Cost?

A Real Estate Agent is a highly popular occupation for those looking for flexible hours, interacting with clients and of course the potential to earn a high income. ... be paid whether by an insurance policy or out of your pocket. Another benefit of having a dedicated professional policy is all the help and coordinating you get from the insurance company during the claim. Dealing with ...

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Why Do I Need Real Estate Agents Liability Insurance?

The career path of a Real Estate agent is undoubtedly tricky in the beginning starting with passing your licensing exam to obtain the all-important license to sell. ... defending a lawsuit. Let's take a closer look at why as a real estate agent, you need to consider Professional Liability (PL) insurance. We’ll also touch on what this type of insurance covers and what else you can do ...

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What is Accountant Liability Insurance?

As an Accountant, you spend a lot of time on financial regulations, calculating, quantifying and analyzing, but you probably don't spend much time thinking about Accountant ... , bodily injury liability coverage steps in for you. As an Accountant, it’s more common to focus on your Professional Liability, but bodily injury claims are the most common type of claim and can occur on any type of ...

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How Liability Insurance Can Benefit Nutritionists

There's no question that every practicing Nutritionist has a lot to deal with to keep his or her business running. Between working with patients, studying and improving ... Nutritionist in order to cover a range of possible costs. Of course, there is a much wider scope of professional protection than what is covered in this article, as well as more reasons why insurance is a must-have ...

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What Is Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance?

Becoming a realtor is a popular career of choice for many. The potential for a high income as well as an opportunity to work closely with people is enticing. However ... . Unlike a General Liability policy that only covers claims such as slip and fall or accidental damage, a Professional Liability policy helps you get back on your feet if a lawsuit has been brought against you because of ...

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How Much Does Estheticians Liability Insurance Cost

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,[1] the Esthetician job market is expected to grow by 14% by 2026. It's not surprising that this profession is an easy choice ... your license exam and found a spa to work in. Now what? Now is the time to consider purchasing a Professional Liability Esthetician's policy. Today we want to talk about how much this type of policy costs and what are ...

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Be Prepared Before You Start Your Career as a Nutritionist

The journey of starting your own business as Nutritionist is surely an exciting one. Even though at first it may seem quite challenging, it will prove to be the most ... policy also has various options to meet your requirements. You can check here to the options to buy professional liability insurance that will best suit you and your budget. You may be quite surprised that it is ...

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What Is Consultants Liability Insurance?

In 2017, American consultants produced around $63.2 Billion in revenue (Statista, 2018). This is not surprising considering the continued growth of the consulting field ... business. For example, if you are an IT consultant, you may find that your customer requires you to have professional liability (E&O) insurance in an amount equal to their own policy. If your customer has a $2,000 ...

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How Much Does Personal Trainer Liability Insurance Cost

There is hardly a person in the US that has never stepped foot in a fitness club. The fitness industry has always been a big deal, but it has grown exponentially in ... the type of personal training that you do, policy limits and any deductibles. A standard liability limit on the professional liability policy is $1,000,000. However, you can bump it up to $2,000,000. Higher limits of ...

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Why Do I Need Personal Trainer Liability Insurance?

Personal training is an exciting career path. Whether you are just embarking on this journey or are an established personal trainer with years of experience, it's always ... you and everything you worked so hard to build is protected. Now that we (hopefully) convinced you that a professional liability policy is a must for any personal trainer, let's take a look in depth at the coverages ...

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What is Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance?

Teaching powerhouse core moves to clients are very satisfying. You enjoy showing elderly neighbours and young college students alike how to alleviate chronic pain and ... cards to cover costs. Why do that? You can easily purchase a general liability insurance plan and/or a professional (E&O) liability insurance plan for less than what you pay for coffee each morning. Look at buying ...

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Complete Cost and Benefits of Yoga Insurance

There seems to be no end to the growing popularity of yoga. The ancient practice continues to draw new students every day. As Americans search for ways to de-stress ... , hold your horses. The moment you become a yoga teacher is the moment you become a professional. And that means you have some professional risks to manage. But don't be shy, though. Go forth and teach! Just make sure ...

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A Billion Dollar Mistake or Executives on the Take?

Have you heard about MF Global? If you've been following the top business news lately it would be hard to miss. It all started with a ratings downgrade which triggered ... account to meet margin calls or was the loss of funds a mere clerical error? MF Global's Professional Liability insurers will need to determine whether the loss of customer funds was the result of negligence or fraud ...

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All You Need to Know About Becoming a Licensed Architect

From conceptualizing the design to construction, architects are involved in every aspect of the art and science of the building process. Apart from the aesthetics of ... geology. As buildings must be functional and safe, a comprehensive set of skills are required to be a professional in this field. Some of the important architect skills that are required to thrive in the industry include ...

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Insurance for Expert Witness

... is critical for those who are in the business of providing advice and instruction to others. A Professional Liability policy helps protect you as a Expert Witness against damages related to your services, actions or ...

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Insurance for Mediators

... policy is critical for those who are in the business of providing advice and instruction to others. A Professional Liability policy helps protect you as a Mediator against damages related to your services, actions or ...

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Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

What is Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance? E&O insurance, otherwise known as Professional Liability, can protect your business against claims of negligence, misrepresentation or mistake. Typically, the allegation is ...

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Insurance for Beauty & Fitness

... services you provide. It often covers claims when people are hurt, upset or feel under-served. A Professional Liability policy can also cover claims alleging personal injury (e.g., libel, slander, defamation, etc.).When ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... . It also covers allegations of advertising injury and personal injury such as libel, slander, defamation, etc.Professionals who work closely with other people may sooner or later face minor (or major) accidents that are ...

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Insurance for Nutritionists and Dietitians

... hours a day, 7-days a week dedicated to research, you need to protect yourself with Professional Liability Insurance. "Insurance For Nutritionists and DietitiansProfessional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance)As a ...

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Insurance for Events, Planning & Organization

... or a mistake happening. Whether you're planning a one-time event or you are a full-time professional in the industry, BizInsure is where you can find affordable and dependable insurance policies tailored to exactly what ...

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Insurance for Financial Services

... a customer or other third party alleges that your service or advice caused financial harm. A Professional Liability policy covers you, your employees and your independent contractors. It covers your defense expenses as ...

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Insurance for Legal Services

... reliable and customized to your profession has never been more important. BizInsure is where legal services professionals go to get dependable and affordable business insurance tailored to exactly what they do. Click or ...

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Insurance for Medical, Health & Sciences

... mistakes. The policy often covers claims of bodily injury and claims of other economic damage. Professional Liability policies cover defense expenses as well as any resulting damages or settlements. It typically covers ...

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents & Realtors

... Owner's Policy (BOP) - Real Estate Agents & Realtors A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) can protect professionals in your industry against a wide range of business-related risks. Any real estate agent or realtor who rents ...

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Insurance for Staffing & Human Resources

... employees and your independent contractors from costs and resulting damages related to the claim. A Professional Liability insurance policy is often required by contract for many staffing and HR specialists before they ...

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Insurance for Technology Services

... Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Technology Services Often referred to as "Technology E&O," Professional Liability insurance is extremely important for businesses and individuals in the technology sector. It is one of ...

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Insurance for Writing & Publishing

... and customized to your profession has never been more important. BizInsure is where writing & publishing professionals go to obtain dependable and affordable insurance tailored to your industry. Click or Call us to ...

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Insurance for Yoga Instructors & Yoga Studios

... gets damaged as a result of your business (but not necessarily as a result of your instruction- see Professional Liability below). These incidents may happen during class, after class, or not related to class at all ...

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Insurance for Other Businesses

... Omissions insurance (or E&O insurance) protects your business from claims related to the advice, expertise or professional services that you provide. If you ever engage in these activities, your business could be at risk ...

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Did you Know?

Any negligence or omissions in your services can cause your client to suffer financial loss and a potential lawsuit may follow.

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment

A Professional Liability Insurance policy provides you with coverage if something goes wrong in relation to the services you are providing. This insurance can safeguard advertising, marketing & entertainment professionals against allegations such as negligence, failure to perform, inaccuracy, bad advice, nondisclosure and over-promising.

A Professional Liability Insurance policy may protect your advertising, marketing or entertainment business against claims of copyright or trademark infringement related to your content. It can also protect against personal injury claims such as allegations of libel, slander, defamation, disparagement, etc.

General Liability - Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment

A General Liability policy can protect your business against claims of bodily injury, related medical costs, and accidental damage to someone else's property.

In addition to bodily injury and property damage coverage, a General Liability insurance policy can cover allegations of advertising injury related to the promotion and advertising of your business. A General Liability is often required as part of a lease or customer contract.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) - Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is a powerful insurance policy that can safeguard your business against both internal and external risk.

A Business Owner's Policy for advertising, marketing &entertainment professionals is an easy and affordable insurance package that covers General Liability while also including business equipment coverage for your physical assets (leased or owned).

BOP's can also include coverage for business auto liability, business interruption losses and other risks that such professionals are commonly exposed to.

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