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Insurance for Staffing & Human Resources

... Services Staffing Agency Staffing Firms Staffing Services Temp Staffing Agencies ... is the most basic form of business insurance any individual or business working on staffing and HR should consider. General Liability ...

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Maximizing Your Salary as a Certified Home Healthcare Aide

It's known that most seniors would prefer to live at home, given a chance. Living at home allows senior citizens to enjoy the comfort and independence to which they ... also likely to face difficulty earning business when competing with agencies who have set-up their websites ... possible. Get a Medicaid certification. Plan your staff and management structure and ensure that each ...

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California Professional Liability Insurance Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

... to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 4 million ... small businesses in California which equates to ... 99.8% of all businesses ... when setting premium amounts. Annual payroll, staff size, turnover rate, employee licensing ... great opportunity. Possible Tax Benefits – Check with your business accountant to confirm if there are any tax benefits to ...

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Business Insurance Explained: “Occurrence” vs. “Claims Made”

... yet important concept of Occurrence business insurance policies vs. Claims Made ... business insurance policies. These are relatively ... ... actual claim was reported to the insurance company, or whether the same insurance company is currently insuring your business. An example is someone who trips in an office, but doesn't experience back pain until several ...

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Getting Ready To Get Back To Business

... make the transition back to business. We've compiled a few ... ... staff members for an extended period or make the difficult choice of letting them go. Getting back to your business back to pre-Coronavirus staffing ... indicators for strength in the commercial real estate sector began ...

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A Quick Guide to Cutting Your Small Business Costs

... goes into running a small business. When budgets are tight, much ... to help cut your small business costs in different areas. [ ... ... telecommuting With more employees working from home, many businesses may have a greater opportunity to save on their commercial leases. Allowing some staff to make a permanent switch to telecommuting could mean ...

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What Insurances Do Colorado Businesses Need?

... insurance is mandatory for small businesses. However, there are several other ... consider as well as a business owner. Worker's Compensation Insurance ... year, due to COVID-19, several businesses have had to cut staff or shift work operations, or stop ... businesses already need general liability and commercial property insurance, this one's a no brainer. Hence, a business ...

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4 Essential Types of Small Business Insurance for Start Ups

Starting a small business is a big undertaking. The ... to consider different types of business insurance that can help safeguard ... ... need insurance coverage to protect your business. Also referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) or “ ... With any luck, your small business will quickly grow, and you'll need to hire staff to help you keep up ...

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Business Consulting vs. Management Consulting: What Is the Difference?

... individuals or entire organizations. While business consulting and management consulting sound ... ... to other staff within the business. Their recommendations center on helping businesses keep their core ... policy may also be important for your business. Also referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) or “slip ...

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5 Tips for Starting a Successful Small Business

... 've got a great small business idea, one that is sure ... important when launching a small business, but you also need to ... ... and renew certain licenses. General Liability insurance protects businesses against the risk of customer injury and property damage. Commercial landlords and other businesses may require it to rent their premises or ...

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8 Small Business Management Tips for Success

Managing a small business can be challenging. Small business owners are often ... in every area of their business, from everyday tasks to big ... from everyday tasks to big picture decisions. You may need to be involved with financial planning, hiring staff, and complying with laws that affect your business. All of this—and more—falls under the umbrella of small ...

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How to Plan an Effective Advertising Campaign for Your Small Business

... can help grow your small business. While you may not have ... nine steps to help small business owners run an effective advertising ... ... 8: Get creative Time to craft your advertising message and design your ads! Many small businesses hire a creative agency to create ads for television, billboards, print ads and sometimes radio. This helps ensure the ...

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What Are Business Expenses? A Quick Guide for Small Business Owners

... in all parts of their business. This is often out of ... as managing your business finances, on the fly. Business expenses are one ... area ... a part in how profitable your business is. It's important to accurately record all business expenses, so you can know ... customers. These expenses might include hiring a creative agency to make an ad, paying for ad space ...

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How Will Your Texas Business Benefit from Professional Liability Insurance?

... to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy ... are 2.7 Million small businesses in Texas which equates to ... 99.8% of all ... Liability policy are: Annual payroll, staff size, turnover rate, employee licensing and ... success. Professional Liability Insurance provides multiple benefits to your business and can do so for a minimal price. Up ...

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What Types of Business Insurance Do Business Need in Wisconsin?

... than 95% of all businesses are small businesses. They employ over a ... , if you're running a business or thinking of opening one ... ... a million workers, which accounts for nearly half of the workforce in the State. Hence, if you're running a business or thinking of opening one, you belong to the majority. That also means you're in a world where a ...

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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

... 're launching a new small business, or you've been up ... quickly and easily find your business when searching for the products ... ... be a simple and inexpensive way to reach your current and potential customers, through both posts and ads. Your business does not need to be on every social media site. In fact, it may be better and more sustainable ...

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How to Launch Your First Business Online in 12 Easy Steps

Your great business idea has grown into the ... big undertaking, and many small business owners are unsure where to ... ... get to work! Take advantage of free promotion by asking your network to share social media posts or talk about your business to others. A one-on-one email or a personal phone call can be an effective way to ask for ...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Branding for Small Businesses

... an essential part of small business marketing. However, the details of ... how to successfully brand your business may get lost in the ... of setting ... (or you're just unsure where to start), it's not too late to get started. Branding your small business could lead to long-term success by building awareness, recognition and trust. And with hard work and a little luck ...

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How to Protect Your Startup Business 7 Different Ways

... hard work starting a new business. The last thing you want ... headaches or saving your entire business, it's wise to protect ... ... down the road. Hiring professionals, such as a lawyer, accountant or bookkeeper, to help set up and run your business may save you time and money in the long run. Getting things done correctly the first time can keep ...

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Small Business Insurance

... you're starting a small business. Insurance is one area where ... small business owners often feel overwhelmed. You ... ... s a lot to learn, and you want to get it right. We've put together this guide to educate small business owners like yourself about the products available and to help you choose the best policies to support your new ...

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What Are the Best Practices for Boosting Your Small Business?

The most successful businesses are ones that are always ... you view parts of the business could lead to big benefits ... time. Sometimes boosting your ... insurance available that can save you the out-of-pocket expense of defending or rebuilding your small business. 9. Take a break Small business ownership isn't for everyone. It's hard work, and even if it is your true ...

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Insurance for Other Businesses

... related to the advice, expertise or professional services that you provide. If you ever engage in these activities, your business could be at risk for being sued by a customer, client or other party who claims he or she ...

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What You Need to Know To Become A Business Consultant

Do you want to pursue a career helping others hone their skills and achieve success in their own startups? Do you have a passion for guiding people towards success in ... to create and run their own firms? If this is the case, then you should be thinking of starting a consulting business. Before you can start setting up your firm, the first step is for you to do some groundwork about how ...

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Home Based Business Insurance

... is General Liability insurance. General Liability?insurance?is?designed to provide protection for?you?and your business?in the event a?customer, supplier?or??member of the public?are injured or sustain property damage ...

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What Business Insurance Do Contractors Need in California?

... falls under, accidents in this business are not uncommon. One mistake ... ... your business. Commercial Auto Insurance If your contracting company owns vehicles, a commercial auto ... the long term. If you're looking for an insurance agency for your contracting company that'll help you find various ...

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Business Insurance Guidelines for Start Ups

As a start up business owner, you know how hectic ... ... ), or if your product damages someone's property (Commercial Package: Property), and even in the unfortunate event ... task for both the emerging entrepreneur and the seasoned business owner; I'd like to help get you started ...

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What Types of Insurance Do Business Need in Illinois?

... nearly 1.2 million small businesses operating in Illinois. If you ... doesn't reflect on your business practices; however, it is just ... the inevitabilities ... it can be expected by your clients, or your commercial lease landlord. The insurance comes in handy even when ... average cost of a data breach can cost small businesses tens of thousands of dollars. Each year, that ...

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What Kind of Insurances Do Texas Businesses Need?

... to 2.7 million small businesses that employ nearly 4.7 ... are some of the common business insurances people consider when starting ... up or running ... you handle client property or rent or own commercial property, then it's recommended even more ... , you may need cyber liability insurance. Business Owner's Policy Business Owner's policy differs from the common ...

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4 Risks Every Small Business Should Be Aware Of

Building a business can be a rewarding experience, ... . Part of owning a small business is learning how to manage ... risks you may encounter. Every ... your premises. General Liability insurance , also referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) or “slip and fall coverage”, can protect your business against bodily injury or property damage lawsuits from outside ...

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How to Effectively Promote an Architecture Business 7 Different Ways

... new clients and grow your business. However, many architects are unsure ... ... efforts, there are ways to start promoting your architecture business in the meantime. You may be able to implement ... areas. Whether it is luxury homes or commercial buildings or something else, marketing can help clients ...

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Do Businesses Need Workers' Compensation Insurance in Florida?

... SBDC's State of Small Business Report 2020 stated that there ... of 2.5 million small businesses in Florida. That makes for ... 99.8% of all business owner, you can acquire workers' compensation insurance in Florida from an insurance agency. Getting a Free Worker's Compensation Insurance Quote For those ...

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Not Getting Sued is Good: 10 Common Sense Insurance Tips for Small Businesses

... room full of veteran small business owners their opinion on Professional ... . The fact is that in business mistakes are bound to happen ... ... sense. Here are a few thoughts on how to avoid a lawsuit: 1- Do a great job. You are a small business because you have a specialized skill so be exceptional at what you do for clients and don't get sloppy. Double ...

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Promote Your Landscaping Business Without Busting the Bank

Your lawn care business is officially open, you did ... : Even though launching a new business can be difficult, a good ... personal references can propel ... 'd be surprised. Think of a time when someone asked what you do for a living or what services your business offers. More times than not, those answers were laced with “uhs” and “ums” as you fumbled through your company's ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Choices for Small Businesses

... been in the market for business insurance lately you already know ... ... owners, we invest our blood, sweat and tears…or at least our time and money, into our businesses. Getting the right insurance is more than a contractual obligation - it can help you gain real peace of mind. BizInsure ...

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8 Ideas for Small Businesses to Score Big with Local Advertising

... to advertising spend, most small businesses probably can't compete with ... are eight ways for small businesses to score big with local ... ... an event Meeting local customers face-to-face is a great way to introduce them to your business. Depending on what your business does, you may be able to join a local festival, farmers market, or charity drive. If in ...

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8 Useful Tools You Need to Start a Small Business

Starting a small business takes a lot of work. ... run, manage, and grow your business. From website building to protecting ... help you start a small ... takes a lot of work. Luckily there are many tools now available to help you run, manage, and grow your business. From website building to protecting this investment, here are eight useful tools to help you start a small ...

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How to Promote a Consulting Business in California

... 4.1 million small businesses in California as of 2020 ... is a lot of potential business for consultants. Starting your ... own consulting business ... on the type of event, you may be able to set up a table or stall to directly promote your business. You can also join relevant LinkedIn groups in your target industry where you can attract potential new clients by ...

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What Business Insurance Do Contractors Need in Texas?

About 700,000 people are working in construction in Texas, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. Construction has given people opportunities to ... injury. What this means for you is that your contractor business may have to cover their medical bills. They may also ... company in the long term. Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial auto insurance policy covers repair ...

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Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

... It is also common for customers, landlords and other outside parties to require you show them proof of a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) prior to entering into a contract with them. Here are some questions to ask yourself ...

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Are You Making These Real Estate Mistakes? Grow Your Business With These Tips

No matter what your background or education is, if you are a people person then the career of a Real Estate agent might be just what you were looking for. One of the ... will almost always work under a Real Estate broker. This helps you learn the ins and outs of the business, allow you to ease into the profession and provides you with legal protection. Working with a well-known brokerage ...

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Emerging Business Risks in an Online Era

Recently, a focus has been placed on job applicant rights in regard to employer access to their Facebook profile and online identity. The story of Justin Basset, a New ... promises weren't kept, the same information used to help sell the client can also be used against the business owner. In the case of a dispute, the testimonials and statements remain public record and can easily be used ...

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What Insurance Do Contractors Need in Chicago?

The contracting business is very diverse itself. It ... for every type of contracting business. [] ... work on a certain part of the project or on the entire project in some cases. Insurance for contractor businesses should cover those tools without a doubt. Hence any tools currently in use to construct or to carry ...

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What Insurance Do Real Estate Agents Need in Texas?

The Texas housing market is booming, creating an opportunity for people looking to make a career change. Becoming a real estate agent can be a wonderful way to create ... to hire staff to help you manage your real estate listings and other parts of the business. While you ... for business interruptions, damage to your commercial property and other common risks. Business insurance for ...

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What Insurance Do Real Estate Agents Need in Florida?

According to recent data, Florida is the number one destination for Americans looking to move to a new state. With so many people relocating to the Sunshine State, becoming ... employ four or more people. Even if your business has a staff less than four people or you're a sole ... for business interruptions, damage to your commercial property and other common events. Business insurance for ...

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Do You Have Engineer Professional Liability Insurance? Here Is Why You Should

Why Do Engineers Need Professional Liability Insurance? There is hardly a more versatile profession than an engineer. Not only there are many engineering specialties ... answer is … most likely. Whether you are a small, one-person engineering consulting shop or a big business with many staff members, you likely do not have thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... inaccuracy, bad advice and other common risks associated with the services they provide.For example, if a business consultant or career coach is accused of giving bad advice that results in economic damage to a customer ...

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents & Realtors

... today's economy. Thus, the consequences of mistakes are also more at the forefront. That's why business insurance that is reliable and customized to your profession has never been more important. BizInsure is where you ...

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Insurance for Restaurants & Caterers

... policy protects against claims of bodily injury or property damage by a third party in relation to your business or your products. The policy can cover liquor liability (when applicable) and it can also cover allegations ...

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Insurance for Management Consultant

... or call us today to compare free quotes today. Risks management consultants might face in their daily business Managing the potential risks that you may encounter as a management consultant well before they arise is a ...

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Errors and Omissions Insurance California

... the annual average cost of Error and Omissions Insurance is approximately $773, it depends on the nature of your business. As with all other insurances, the higher the element of risk, the more premium you will need to ...

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Errors and Omissions Insurance Texas

... exact cost of your insurance. However, on average, the yearly cost of Errors and Omissions Insurance for small businesses in Texas is around $894. The following factors might have an impact on your Errors and Omissions ...

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The Average Consultants' Salary and How to Earn More

... -to-coast for client meetings, business dinners, and hotel room stays ... ... ways to help the company improve their business or meet a specific goal. This can be achieved in many different ways such as refining efficiencies, productivity, staffing, and financials. Basically, consultants are high ...

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Why Do I Need Accountant Liability Insurance?

... risks that come with your business. That's is what Accountant ... ... Commercial General Liability: Basic Coverage for General Risks General liability insurance is designed to protect your business ... season. You and your small team of staff are overwhelmed by helping clients prepare their ...

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Steps To Starting Your Own Architecture Firm

... experience before starting your business. Who is this business right for? Starting ... ... handle simple to complex residential and commercial projects. With a growing emphasis on ... business and financial goals? Are you looking to sell the firm in a specified timeframe? Are you looking to employ staff or ...

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How Much Does Consultant Liability Insurance Cost?

... highly recommend you to other business owners. Now that your consulting ... ... Covers Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance Will protect your consulting business ... with the corporation to help with hiring and training staff. The Request for Proposal (RFP) document clearly states ...

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How Much Does Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance Cost?

... have paid for your Pilates business with hours of sweat equity ... a reality. The small Pilates business you've always wanted is ... the time to ... high risk your industry is, as the riskier a business is the more likely it is to incur a ... for the premium. This is the same concept for commercial insurance too. Higher coverage limits mean slightly higher premiums. ...

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How Much Does Accountants Liability Insurance Cost?

... role in helping individuals and businesses manage their finances. As an ... information about your personal and commercial clients. Making an error ... in an unfair and negative light. They are claiming libel and want payment for lost business. Commercial General Liability: Basic and Affordable Coverage General Liability insurance is a very basic type of ...

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Renewal time!

Once a year, your business will get a piece of ... mail stating that its business insurance is up for renewal ... ... to accommodate its growth. This should be accurately reflected in the commercial property section of a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) or Commercial Property Policy to make sure the property is adequately protected. Have ...

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Year end parties: having fun whilst covering the risks

... is also a time that businesses have holiday parties to celebrate ... ... or a hotel banquet facility that employs wait staff to serve alcohol. This way, it is ... with your commercial and host liquor liability, employment practices liability, event cancellation or other business insurance please ...

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Why Insurance Is a Must Have for The Modern Yogi Teacher

... yogis, you also manage a business. Being a yoga instructor is ... ... on a roomful of yogis, you also manage a business. Being a yoga instructor is a profession just like ... insurance. You must have both to be protected. Commercial general liability insurance will cover you for “general” ...

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Your Guide to The Best Personal Trainer Certifications

... personal trainer is an exhilarating business opportunity. The fitness industry in ... ... said about low barriers to entry when it comes to personal training business. In most cases, it's enough to only have your GED ... is NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) accredited. They set a high standard ...

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How Liability Insurance Can Benefit Nutritionists

... to keep his or her business running. Between working with patients ... ... , Professional Liability packaged with Commercial General Liability insurance is the ... burst pipe, or any other unexpected occurrence damages your business property. Without Property insurance, you'll be forced to ...

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What types of insurance is needed for events?

... USA and is still expanding. Businesses are reliant on both physical ... ... billion in the USA and is still expanding. Businesses are reliant on both physical and online events for ... be covered in a General Liability policy). Commercial Property insurance: This can be useful extra insurance ...

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Breaking Down the Facts About California Errors and Omissions Insurance

Every business strives to deliver factual and ... Liability insurance) helps service-based businesses maintain peace of mind, and ... ... , bridges, and other infrastructure, commercial, or residential properties. If the ... all of the employees of a company along with the small business itself. It can also be extended to cover independent contractors hired ...

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Why Do Consultants Need Liability Insurance?

... and begin your own consulting business. Starting your own [] ... ... costs for you. Types of Liability Insurance Available to Consultants Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance is useful to protect your consulting business in the event a client files a suit claiming you ...

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  • BizInsure makes the policy buying process easy, and renewal was a snap. I'd recommend it to other small-business owners like me who want to find the right insurance protection so they can stay focused on running their businesses.


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Did you Know?

A recruitment consultant who failed to perform a criminal history check on a candidate could face a claim if the candidate had a criminal record and later misappropriated funds from the hiring company.

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Staffing & Human Resources

A Professional Liability insurance policy is critical for staffing and human resource professionals that offer advice or services to others. It is designed to protect against allegations of negligence, error, omission or malpractice related to your service.

A PL policy will be triggered when the judgement and/or recommendations of staffing or HR specialist are claimed to have caused financial damages to a third party. In such events, the policy can help protect you, your employees and your independent contractors from costs and resulting damages related to the claim. A Professional Liability insurance policy is often required by contract for many staffing and HR specialists before they can formally start a business engagement.

General Liability - Staffing & Human Resources

General Liability is the most basic form of business insurance any individual or business working on staffing and HR should consider. General Liability policy may help cover&common risks associated with day-to-day operations.

A GL insurance policy safeguards against accidents that may happen involving bodily injury or property damage to an outside party. It can help cover events that may happen inside, as well as outside of your business premises. Examples can include dropping important customer equipment, misplacing vital documents or simply someone accidentally tripping over your briefcase. Additionally, General Liability can cover allegations of advertising Injury and personal injury such as defamation, libel, slander and copyright infringement.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) - Staffing & Human Resources

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) offers standard general liability protection (see above), plus it includes the option to cover a wide range of additional business-related risks. A BOP is a simple and affordable way to protect against several of the more common exposures in your industry.

A BOP will insure your physical assets (computers, furniture, etc.), as well as virtual assets (software, documents etc.). It can also protect your exposure to non-business owned automobile liability, employee dishonesty and more.

Reviews related to Business Insurance For Staffing Agencies