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Insurance for Handyman

... At BizInsure we provide affordable and customized insurance policies that are tailored to your specific needs as a Handyman. "General Liability - HandymanMany incidents can occur in this line of work - pipes could burst ...

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Insurance for Construction & Installation

... and Accessory Installation Construction Contractors Construction Managers Drywall Installers Electricians General Contractors Handymen And many more ... Heating and Air Conditioning Installers Locksmith Masons Painters ...

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Reviews related to Cheap Insurance For Handyman

  • BizInsure exceeded our expectations in meeting the complex insurance needs of our company. The quotation and issuance process was shockingly painless, their rates were consistently less than traditional brokers, and they picked up the phone when I need to speak to a person.

    Steve H. (Software Developer)
    Corrales, New Mexico

  • By the time I was done with setting up the policy, I was actually smiling and in a good mood. This is not something that happens much anymore in todays online business dealings.

    Mark Mathis (President)
    Mathis Enterprises, Inc.

  • BizInsure is excellent for small businesses, start-ups or consulting professionals who need insurance. The system was quick and easy to use and the customer service representative helped me ensure that the policy met my contractual requirements.

    Cassie (Publisher)
    Mountain View, CA

  • I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate BizInsure. Many people (myself included) have long felt that for intimate business relationships like Business Insurance, you need a local, face to face relationship. Your team has redefined this for me. Your prompt responses and accessible staff make me very confident in our long term business relationship.

    Jason (Marketing Consultant)
    Stockton, CA

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Did you Know?

Handymen performing work requiring a tradesman's license are considered artisans and not handymen by insurance companies. Call us if you need guidance!

General Liability - Handyman

Many incidents can occur in this line of work - pipes could burst, your equipment could cause personal injury, or you could accidently break something in a clients' home or office. As a Handyman, General Liability coverage is the most important insurance policy you should have.

Coverage for Your Equipment

If you have equipment or materials that you have purchased for your business, it is extremely important to protect these in case of damage. BizInsure can easily add this insurance to your program.

Reviews related to Cheap Insurance For Handyman