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Insurance for Legal Services

... us to compare quotes from top insurance companies today."Professional Liability Insurance (aka ... to blame.Professional Liability protects against allegations of negligence, errors, omissions, professional mistakes and other ...

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Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

... Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance? E&O insurance, otherwise known as Professional Liability ... management proceeduresClick here to get quotes for your specific needs.

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Business Insurance Guidelines for Start Ups

... owner, you know how hectic and exciting the early stages of ... ... General Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, and Employers Liability. 4.      Professional Liability (a.k.a. Errors and Omissions/E&O ... client. Allegations may include: Error, omission, or negligence in providing ...

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Insurance for Other Businesses

... ; Other Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions insurance (or E& ... act, error or omission. Professional Liability policies can protect your employees and independent contractors ...

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A Billion Dollar Mistake or Executives on the Take?

... which triggered a liquidity crisis and that then degraded into the ... fright for their employees, clients and shareholders for […] ... does Professional Liability insurance cover? Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E& ... ;O) insurance, covers a company and ...

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What Is Consultants Liability Insurance?

... growth of the consulting field and the robust salaries consultants earn. ... paid to share your knowledge and expertise with corporations. That ... , Marketing, Research, Information Technology (IT), and Human Resources. Some consultants work ... Defined Professional liability insurance is also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Choices for Small Businesses

... of insurance is constantly changing and can be difficult to understand ... and navigate. One of the things ... ... by General, Professional and Cyber Liability insurance. Professional Liability can be a stand-alone ... making a mistake ( such as errors, omissions, and negligence) that results in financial ...

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“GONE PHISHING!” – The Real Liability of the Virtual World

... individuals via fraudulent electronic communication and interaction.  Together with spear phishing ... , clone phishing and whaling, the Internet ... Liability (a.k.a. Errors & Omissions), Miscellaneous Professional Liability, Privacy Liability and Network Security Liability ... Information Technology forensics, third-party liability, and credit monitoring.  The ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... Click or Call us to compare quotes, for free, today. Consultants’ insurance ... many of the most common liabilities and unplanned events experienced by professionals ...

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Insurance for Financial Services

... Click or Call us to compare quotes today, for free. Financial Services ... Tax Preparers Financial Consultants And many more… "Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O ...

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Be Prepared Before You Start Your Career as a Nutritionist

The journey of starting your own business as Nutritionist is surely an exciting one. Even though at first it may seem quite challenging, it will prove to be the most ... is professional liability insurance? Professional liability insurance policy particularly protects you and your ... it takes is a minor error and a single claim for your ...

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Professional Liability Insurance

... resulting from alleged negligence or error in the delivery of your ... judgment Who needs Professional Liability Insurance? Professionals, and businesses that provide professional ...

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Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes a winning difference for small business professionals? If you get in a boat without a compass or a map, you may never reach your destination. For a sole proprietorship ... only professional liability insurance provider that enables independent professionals and small to ... midsized businesses to compare multiple quotes, purchase online, and receive ...

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Yoga Instructor Certification: Cost and Analysis

... a better time. The ways and means to launch a successful ... ... for a quick and easy quote on affordable professional liability insurance policies. Teach ... good yoga instructor certification and yoga instructor liability insurance. The combination provides ...

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Emerging Business Risks in an Online Era

... access to their Facebook profile and online identity. The story of ... ... ask questions, seek feedback, request quotes, and establish performance expectations. In a ... of the relationship, and consequently the business owner’s liabilities, can be ...

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General Liability Insurance

... ’s. Who needs General Liability insurance? Frequency and severity may vary by ... low as $33/month. Getting a quote with BizInsure is easy – online ...

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What You Need to Know About Being an Esthetician

... to go to work and make people look and feel great while ... ... liability insurance policy will help protect you and your reputation from lawsuits and ... compensation. BizInsure can provide instant quotes, and we are always happy to ...

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Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

... combines General Liability with coverage for your business property, inventory and your ... $42 per month. Getting a quote with BizInsure is easy &ndash ...

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Why Insurance Is a Must Have for The Modern Yogi Teacher

... risks involved, fortunately, Yoga instructor liability insurance is there to protect ... ... two main coverages – general liability and professional liability. As a yoga teacher, you ... : The Details Commercial general liability insurance and professional liability insurance make up the ...

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Complete Cost and Benefits of Yoga Insurance

... for ways to de-stress, connect, and become more aware, the call ... ... professional liability insurance policy. General Liability and Professional Liability: Elements of Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance ...

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The Complete Guide to Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance

... time thinking about yoga instructor liability insurance. You probably spend most ... with new sequences, better cues and more education. With a heart ... to as “slip and fall” insurance and professional liability insurance which covers claims ... the proper yoga instructor insurance and professional liability insurance is an investment ...

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Year end parties: having fun whilst covering the risks

December is a time to reflect on the year that has gone by as well as a time to start planning for the next one.  It is also a time that businesses have holiday parties ... the event.  Event liability insurance provides coverage for liability and claim defense in ... with your commercial and host liquor liability, employment practices liability, event cancellation or ...

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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is the one form ... service providers agree that professional liability insurance is a necessary cost ... ... service providers agree that professional liability insurance is a necessary cost ... the legal expenses and any resulting settlements. Professional liability insurance is more ...

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Renewal time!

... a quotation of the premium and a request for payment.  It ... to just make the payment and not worry about the issue ... ... Employment Practices Liability, and Employee Benefits Liability coverages.  Employment Practices Liability coverage ... Directors and Officers Liability insurance.   This coverage provides indemnification and defense ...

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Insurance for Auto Services

... as Garage Keeper’s Liability, a General Liability insurance policy is essential ... that includes General Liability (see above), plus property and equipment coverage in ...

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Insurance for Distributors & Wholesalers

... free insurance quotation today. General Liability – Distributors & WholesalersA General ... their property. General Liability also protects against advertising injury and personal injury ...

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Insurance for Shop, Store & Retail

... Toy Stores Variety Stores And many more… General Liability – Shop, Store ... , employee dishonesty, non-business owned auto liability and more. Businesses operating as shops ...

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Insuring your inventory

We have been receiving a lot of queries recently about how inventory is valued by an insurer in the event of a loss.  One common question is, “Why do I get what I ... increase during their peak season compared to their off season.  Entities ... of continuing expenses include salaries and employer mandated contributions of key ...

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Why Insurance for Consultants is a ‘No Brainer’

... , you are entrepreneurial by nature and open to taking personal risks ... to start your own business and probably one of the main ... ... terminated the consultant’s services and demanded compensation for the software ... rates because of this. Professional Liability insurance policies that cover any ...

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Business Insurance Explained: “Occurrence” vs. “Claims Made”

Even with the best intentions, the insurance industry can be quite confusing at times. A great example is the subtle yet important concept of “Occurrence” business ... actual slip occurred. Most Professional Liability (aka E&O) insurance policies ... place continuously during that time and that you have not had ...

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Insurance for Handyman

... At BizInsure we provide affordable and customized insurance policies that are ... needs as a Handyman. "General Liability – HandymanMany incidents can occur ...

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Insurance for Landscaping

... your business. We offer affordable and efficient insurance for Landscaping professionals ... to suit your needs. General Liability – LandscapingThis insurance is an ...

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Promote Your Landscaping Business Without Busting the Bank

... did little to no promotion and your phone won’t stop ... , a good balance of self-promotion and personal references can propel any ... ... list that they possess landscaping liability insurance or that they’re ... seemingly limitless availability of products and services these days, there’s ...

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JOBS Act: New Access to Start-up Funding

... what we’re passionate about and the potential for success with ... fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship however, and one of the most [&hellip ... the new JOBS Act and how “crowdfunding” and new rules about private ... also explores what the potential liability ramifications of the JOBS Act ...

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How Much Yoga Instructors Make + 5 Tips to Earn More

... to de-stress, stay balanced, strong and flexible. Teaching yoga is a ... noble calling, and yoga is an industry that ... practitioners in the United ... studios require yoga instructor certification and yoga instructor insurance. So, have ... depend on experience, negotiation skills, and career goals. Specialization: Many yoga ...

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Increase Productivity and Work Satisfaction in 11 Minutes

If you’re a business owner managing employees or in any occupation where you provide professional services that lead or motivate others, I highly recommend watching ... main theme is studying incentives and using scientific knowledge of ‘motivation ... ’ to improve business productivity, quality, and work satisfaction. As of today ...

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The Roots of Risk: A Brief History of Insurance

... , frivolous litigation, excessive fees and misleading small print, we’ve ... decided to step back and use our inaugural post ... the industry ... improved the odds for survival and, if and when beast won over ... people comply with new and changing laws and decipher contracts. Although it ...

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Facebook Investors De-Friend NASDAQ

... , high-tech companies such as Apple and Google. Based on this reputation ... ... in opening trading and leaving investor companies, individuals and brokers without results ... unanticipated problems will speed recovery and reign in financial damages. BizInsure ...

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Industries we serve

... range of industries, providing solutions and putting them to work for ... our clients to improve productivity and performance. If you don’t ...

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Reviews related to compare errors and omissions liability paralegal quotes

  • Easy to compare policies and review the policy language

    Expert Witness

  • Slow connection.


  • When I have communicated with a representative, they were helpful for the specific matter at the time. Online payment has been convenient. Have not had any other interaction to report on.


  • Thank you!


  • Quick and easy

    Expert Witness

  • Like your reminder emails and Ease of paying the premium online . Hope you offer additional Insurance coverage such as Workers Comp and General Liability.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Thank you for the compare policy option. It makes it WAY easier to determine the best value.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Lots of phone calls the first day I requested the quote. It was a bit overwhelming, I was just looking for quotes to start.

    Interior Designer (non-structural)

  • Josh was excellent in providing quick service for my immediate needs. He researched and provided the quote quickly. I will pass bizinsure's good name to others searching for professional liability insurance!

    Business Consultant

  • The woman I originally spoke with was extremely helpful in getting me a quote for Professional Liability Insurance. She really took the time to understand my business and to determine what policy would be best for me to apply for.

    Business Consultant

  • Easiest online portal I have used for any business insurance quotes or purchase.

    Management Consultant

  • Thank you for contacting me via e-mail with the reminder to renew my Business Liability insurance with your company. Carl R. Turnquist / Concord, MA

    Compliance Consultant

  • These ease was very good, I'm looking for more insurance options, such as Liability Insurance, etc. I only had one insurance company populate.


  • Bee Her has been extremely helpful in assisting with my professional liability insurance needs.

    Freight Forwarder

  • BizInsure has made protecting my business from liability risk very easy. Thanks for building a great platform for small businesses.


  • Could not a quote right away for Bonding. I wanted one monthly payment for both Bonding and Insurance. But overall a good experience.

    Cleaning (Residential In Home)

  • This was Josh account. He had quoted and I verified it while he was on lunch. Client did not

    Energy Efficiency Consultant

  • Easy and simple to use

    Association Management (not Home Owner's Association)

  • Not sure why this policy has to be renewed so far ahead of the expiration date of my existing policy. Also did not appreciate the excessive finance charges for monthly or quarterly payments and the requirement for a finance agreement signature - that is w

    Business Consultant

  • Was unable to edit responses to questions about my business online. Called my agent and he was very helpful.

    Business Consultant

  • You chat was never available despite my being online during normal business hours and I called the number listed twice where agents were available to only be presented with voicemail both times.

    Business Consultant

  • process is easy and cost is very reasonable for a small start up company

    Computer Training/Education

  • I was easily able to change my last name in the "Billing" section online, but even after calling and talking to an agent a week ago, when I purchased the account tonight (since I couldn't wait any longer to renew), it printed off with my maiden name still

    Education Consultant

  • So far I have only had experience with policy issue and premium payment. So far so good.

    Employment Drug Testing

  • Last year I set up quarterly payments by credit card but you failed to pay my 4th installment and I had to pay it directly to the Insurance company by check. I'm avoiding the problem this year by paying all upfront.

    Financial Consultant

  • Please add Mike Sentany and Eli Stevanovic to list of covered individuals

    Thomas (Thom)
    Food Industry Consultant

  • Lucky for me I haven't had much interaction other than to purchase and renew policies.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • So far I have no claims or anything else other than selecting insurance and paying for it, so far so good

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • straight forward and easy to complete - thanks!

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • easy to follow instructions and simple process to accomplish my goal

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • quick and efficient! thanks

    Janitorial or Cleaning (Office or Mercantile)

  • It would be nice if before choosing to pay monthly or quarterly you would notify the user that these payments will be drawn from a bank account and not a credit card. Thanks

    Marketing Services

  • No need for claims activity so far, thankfully, so haven't fully experienced the product, but the online renewal and purchase options are great.

    Marketing Services

  • I needed this insurance quick and you were there

    Painting (Interior)

  • Few glitches in the process with data input, specifically: the use of middle initial and two last names.

    Social Work Services (General)

  • It is sometimes difficult to get the right person on the phone, but when I do speak with someone they are always helpful, knowledgeable and courteous

    Telecommunications Consultant

  • Service is good, and website is relatively easy to use.

    Web Site Developers and/or Hosting

  • Quick, Easy, and Affordable! Thank you.

    Book Publishers

  • Fast and complete! It let me choose my coverage and provided and excellent array of choices.

    Book Publishers

  • Fantastic customer service and follow up! Thank you!

    Book Publishers

  • The process was very clear and easy to follow and help facilitate the selection of necessary insurance.

    Business Consultant

  • When I called, I spoke with Ramez Tabri and he was very helpful.

    Business Consultant

  • Erica Tompkins was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

    Business Consultant

  • Trish was my assistant and she was incredibly helpful! I really enjoyed speaking with her about the various plans and options. She made the process a lot easier to go through and much easier to decipher.

    Business Consultant

  • Tricia Lee was extremely helpful, professional and friendly.

    Business Consultant

  • Love the online option and great explanations of products

    Business Consultant

  • My Agent Trish was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. She guided me thru the application process to find the best insurance for my needs.

    Business Consultant

  • Good follow-up call and advice given.

    Documentary Producers

  • Gave me fast results and I could understand the entire process. Thanks!


  • Erica was professional and very helpful in guiding me through the issues and policy verbiage. Thanks!


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Did you Know?

Bizinsure offers General Liability coverage for most legal services professionals

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Legal Services

As a legal services professional, you are regarded as an expert at what you do. Thus, your clients demand a high degree of professionalism and accuracy in the services that you provide. However, mistakes and misunderstandings can always happen and when they do, people often look for someone to blame.

Professional Liability protects against allegations of negligence, errors, omissions, professional mistakes and other common risks specific to the services that you provide. It is an essential business insurance coverage for legal services professionals.

Sometimes referred to as Malpractice or Errors & Omissions insurance, Professional Liability is triggered when someone alleges that your service caused them financial harm. The policy can help pay costs related to your defense and other related damages. A Professional Liability policy is commonly required by contract.

General Liability – Legal Services

A General Liability insurance policy is the most basic form of business insurance. It can help cover allegations of bodily injury or property damage that may happen inside or outside of your office or place of work. General Liability also protects against advertising injury and personal injury claims related to your business. These can include allegations of false advertising, libel, slander, defamation and more.

Individuals and businesses that are renting office space are often required by a landlord to have a General Liability policy in place. Additionally, your clients or other vendors may require proof of General Liability insurance before you can begin work on their premises.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – Legal Services

If you want to also insure your business property, you will want to purchase a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A BOP is a convenient and inexpensive way to protect against several of the more common exposures that businesses operating out of an office or home may encounter.

A BOP includes everything that a General Liability policy offers (see above), while also providing options to cover your business property, business interruption, non-owned business auto liability, and more. BOPs protect physical and virtual assets and cover the actions of your employees and independent contractors.

Reviews related to compare errors and omissions liability paralegal quotes