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Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes a winning difference for small business professionals? If you ... may never reach your destination. For a sole proprietorship or a ... ... as the foundation of your marketing strategy across all mediums. 1 ... is the only professional liability insurance provider that enables independent professionals ...

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“GONE PHISHING!” – The Real Liability of the Virtual World

Phishing is a criminal practice that exploits individuals via fraudulent electronic communication and interaction.  Together with spear phishing, clone phishing and ... Epsilon, who performs email marketing services for huge Fortune 500 clients or ... this liability is through Cyber Insurance. Cyber Insurance combines Technology Professional Liability ...

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Emerging Business Risks in an Online Era

... York-based statistician, who was asked for his Facebook login during a ... ... while simultaneously reducing overhead and marketing costs. An online presence however ... , easy to obtain professional liability insurance can help manage this risk. ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Choices for Small Businesses

... you’ve been in the market for business insurance lately you already know ... of options. The world of insurance is constantly changing and ... you’ve been in the market for business insurance lately you already know ... General, Professional and Cyber Liability insurance. Professional Liability can be a ...

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What Is Consultants Liability Insurance?

In 2017, American consultants produced around $63.2 Billion in revenue (Statista, 2018). This is not surprising considering the continued growth of the consulting field ... of consulting are within Management, Marketing, Research, Information Technology (IT), and ... Liability (E&O) Insurance for Consultants Defined Professional liability insurance is also known ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... to compare quotes, for free, today. Consultants’ insurance covers a broad range ... Consultants Compliance Consultants Management Consultants Marketing Consultants Research Consultants Training ...

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Insuring your inventory

... the retail price I charge for the inventory?” This post aims ... ... how inventory is typically valued for insurance purposes. For more information on our ... loss and (of course) premiums for insurance coverage. Business income coverage can ...

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Business Insurance Guidelines for Start Ups

... not have factored in securing insurance.  Many emerging entrepreneurs are uncertain ... kind of protection is suitable for their […] ... elaborate world of insurance can be a daunting task for both the ... It is common for companies to purchase their first insurance due to ...

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Why Insurance for Consultants is a ‘No Brainer’

As a small business owner, you are entrepreneurial by nature and open to taking personal risks that have the potential to result in long-term financial gain. This is ... ’s services and demanded compensation for the software’s failures, including ... because of this. Professional Liability insurance policies that cover any actual ...

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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance

... one form of business insurance that most professional service ... whether or not to get insurance for their business property, autos, ... or even ... whether or not to get insurance for their business property, autos, or ... possibility of bankruptcy. Instead, their insurance would cover the legal expenses ...

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The Roots of Risk: A Brief History of Insurance

With today’s insurance industry plagued by legal jargon, ... ... helped formed The Philadelphia Contributionship for The Insurance of Houses from Loss ... it’s far from perfect, insurance exists for a reason — a fundamental ...

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Renewal time!

... stating that its business insurance is up for renewal.  In most cases ... and a request for payment.  It is tempting for the busy ... stating that its business insurance is up for renewal.  In most cases ... in excess of their existing insurance policies).  For a reasonable premium, business ...

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Business Insurance Explained: “Occurrence” vs. “Claims Made”

... with the best intentions, the insurance industry can be quite confusing ... important concept of “Occurrence” business insurance policies vs ... in which the current insurance company is responsible for claims made during ... current insurance company would be responsible for the claim, not the insurance company ...

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A Billion Dollar Mistake or Executives on the Take?

... 31, 2011. A Halloween fright for their employees, clients and shareholders ... ... What does Professional Liability insurance cover? Professional Liability insurance, also known as ... (E&O) insurance, covers a company and its employees for liability arising ...

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General Liability Insurance

... link below for our FAQ’s. Who needs General Liability insurance? Frequency ... General Liability is the right insurance for you: Do you, your business ...

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Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

... ? This type of business insurance is important for small business owners and ... ; property? How much does BOP insurance cost?Your premium will vary ...

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Professional Liability Insurance

... Professional Liability exposure. Professional Liability Insurance can safeguard your professional reputation ... ; Click here for sample scenarios of Professional Liability Insurance in action. How ...

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Insurance for Auto Services

... country go to BizInsure for dependable and affordable insurance tailored to exactly ... , a General Liability insurance policy is essential for the smooth operation of ...

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Insurance for Financial Services

... compare quotes today, for free. Financial Services insurance covers a broad range ... basic form of business insurance and is recommended for most businesses.A General ...

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Insurance for Handyman

... we provide affordable and customized insurance policies that are tailored to ... the most important insurance policy you should have. Coverage for Your EquipmentIf ...

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Insurance for Technology Services

... ,” Professional Liability insurance is extremely important for businesses and individuals in ... most basic business insurance products and is recommended for many types of ...

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Insurance for Other Businesses

... more important. Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Other Professional ... of the most critical coverages for small businesses: general liability (see ...

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JOBS Act: New Access to Start-up Funding

... passionate about and the potential for success with practically no limitations. ... ... passionate about and the potential for success with practically no limitations. ... true thought leaders in the insurance industry who are experts at ...

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It’s March Madness: Do you have a Defensive Game Plan for Your Business?

“How’s your bracket doing?” With March Madness upon us, my basketball-loving friends and I are anxiously comparing stats.  Along with the game comes the joy of ... remaining effectively clinched the victory for North Carolina.  He made an ... cost.  Professional Liability insurance (a.k.a. Errors and Omissions Insurance or E&O ...

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Facebook Investors De-Friend NASDAQ

... , it was the exchange chosen for the widely anticipated $16 billion ... ... , individuals and brokers without results for orders. With over 500 million ... help you be an educated insurance consumer and eliminate redundancies or ...

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Industries we serve

... ;t worry. Simply call us for personal assistance at 1-877-900-9998. Our ... help you customize the right insurance solution to meets your needs.

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Reviews related to insurance for marketing agency

  • No need for claims activity so far, thankfully, so haven't fully experienced the product, but the online renewal and purchase options are great.

    Marketing Services

  • Thanks for making it very easy to renew

    Marketing Services

  • It would be nice if before choosing to pay monthly or quarterly you would notify the user that these payments will be drawn from a bank account and not a credit card. Thanks

    Marketing Services

  • Trish did a great job talking me through the process

    Marketing Consultant

  • Ramez Tabri is an amazing rep who represents excellency in sales & service. Very patient & highly informative regarding my many questions, most importantly, patient.

    Marketing Consultant

  • Process was very easy to understand. Thanks!

    Marketing Consultant

  • The woman that helped my on the phone, Trish - was awesome.

    Advertising Agencies

  • Biz Insure with CNA has been very helpful in providing insurance for my company for the past year. I look forward to many more successful years.


  • Thank you for making it easy for me to renew online.

    Susan E

  • Thank you for your excellent service!

    Susan E

  • These ease was very good, I'm looking for more insurance options, such as Liability Insurance, etc. I only had one insurance company populate.


  • So far. THanks

    Temporary Staffing/Professional Employment Organizations/Contract Employment Agencies

  • Could not a quote right away for Bonding. I wanted one monthly payment for both Bonding and Insurance. But overall a good experience.

    Cleaning (Residential In Home)

  • Thank you for contacting me via e-mail with the reminder to renew my Business Liability insurance with your company. Carl R. Turnquist / Concord, MA

    Compliance Consultant

  • So far I have no claims or anything else other than selecting insurance and paying for it, so far so good

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Looking forward to an Insurance company that we my do business for years to come. May God bless our New-Found-partnership of KCPS/P&P/HOME-RUNS ! P.L. 4/15/2016

    Property Preservation

  • Thought I completed the purchase last night--might have been my mis-click. Hope to get copy of Insurance Certificate for Proof of Insurance today. Thanks.

    Technical Writer

  • Josh was excellent in providing quick service for my immediate needs. He researched and provided the quote quickly. I will pass bizinsure's good name to others searching for professional liability insurance!

    Business Consultant

  • I have to see. This is by far the best insurance purchasing experience that I have ever had. It is funny that you got me great coverage with Liberty Mutual, which gave me first real professional job back in the summer of 1998 as an INROADS Intern. Life co

    Anteneh "Alonzo" T.
    Business Consultant

  • The woman I originally spoke with was extremely helpful in getting me a quote for Professional Liability Insurance. She really took the time to understand my business and to determine what policy would be best for me to apply for.

    Business Consultant

  • My Agent Trish was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. She guided me thru the application process to find the best insurance for my needs.

    Business Consultant

  • Easiest online portal I have used for any business insurance quotes or purchase.

    Management Consultant

  • Finding, purchasing and renewing insurance for my business on BizInsure could not be easier. I've already encouraged some of my friends to check out BizInsure for their enterprises.


  • Not sure why this policy has to be renewed so far ahead of the expiration date of my existing policy. Also did not appreciate the excessive finance charges for monthly or quarterly payments and the requirement for a finance agreement signature - that is w

    Business Consultant

  • Please send copy of proof of insurance to my email Teutonic4@outlook.com

    Carpentry (Interior)

  • process is easy and cost is very reasonable for a small start up company

    Computer Training/Education

  • Actually Good + that would be excellent except for some glitches in the software (one is forcing me to check the PO Box option)

    Corporate Trainer

  • Last year I set up quarterly payments by credit card but you failed to pay my 4th installment and I had to pay it directly to the Insurance company by check. I'm avoiding the problem this year by paying all upfront.

    Financial Consultant

  • Bee Her has been extremely helpful in assisting with my professional liability insurance needs.

    Freight Forwarder

  • Lots of phone calls the first day I requested the quote. It was a bit overwhelming, I was just looking for quotes to start.

    Interior Designer (non-structural)

  • I'm not sure why not all policies were available for renewal until just 1 week before expiration, but that was he case for me. I received a renewal notice in email on Sept 6th, but only today did all 4 policies I have show up online allowing me to renew t

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • It was hard for me to see policy wording during checkout

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Lucky for me I haven't had much interaction other than to purchase and renew policies.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Like your reminder emails and Ease of paying the premium online . Hope you offer additional Insurance coverage such as Workers Comp and General Liability.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Please forward a copy of "proof of insurance" to the Business Office, LGS Recreation, 208 E. Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030

    Other Consulting Services

  • I needed this insurance quick and you were there

    Painting (Interior)

  • When I have communicated with a representative, they were helpful for the specific matter at the time. Online payment has been convenient. Have not had any other interaction to report on.


  • Business type options somewhat limited, TYPO in process unprofessional, but for basic coverage its a good option

    Project Manager (non construction)

  • My original policy premium increased by 50%... a very disappointing experience. However, I was able to find another policy for less.

    Software Developers

  • Thank you for making this easy!

    Budget Planning Consultant

  • The process was very clear and easy to follow and help facilitate the selection of necessary insurance.

    Business Consultant

  • Thanks for the reminders. Maybe wait to start reminding until 1 month before due, but OK.

    Business Consultant

  • The company shows appreciation for my business.

    Compliance Consultant

  • Thank you for making this a painless process!

    Education Consultant

  • Thank you for the reminder. Please send me an updated COI associated with the renewal! Appreciate it.

    Energy Efficiency Consultant

  • Thank you for making my renewal so fast and easy!

    Executive Recruiter (excludes leased employees)

  • Cost of insurance increased too much without any claims or increase in risk

    Financial Consultant

  • Thank you for the renewal notice.

    Flora and Fauna Consultant

  • Thank you for the reminders, help and ease to complete our renewal.It only took minutes. Thank you. Wonderful service!

    Information Retrieval Services

  • thank you

    Insurance Agent (Primarily P&C Business)

  • Thank you!

    Insurance Claims Adjuster

  • Although I do appreciate the reminder, I do not appreciate getting so many calls. An email reminder is sufficient since I check email at my convenience. The calls usually come at an inconvenient time.

    Insurance Claims Adjuster

  • Easy peazy!

    Insurance Claims Adjuster

  • Thank you for the compare policy option. It makes it WAY easier to determine the best value.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Huge thanks to Trish for her help!

    Janitorial or Cleaning (Office or Mercantile)

  • Try to optimize the site for mobile users.

    Landscape Gardening

  • I would appreciate a follow up email if I haven't renewed my insurance after expiration. I received an email on June 30th that expiring 12:01am July 1. I was traveling in Europe and missed that. I would appreciate a follow up 3-5 days after that. Thank yo

    Management Consultant

  • Thank you for your help! I really appreciate the monthly payment option.

    Mental Health Counseling

  • Ramez was very helpful and made the whole experience so easy for me. Thank you!

    Notary Public

  • Easy, reliable, and friendly business insurance company...

    Other (not listed)

  • Great price, great service, made it easy for me make payments. Thank you!

    Real Estate Agent/Broker (primarily residential)

  • I was very happy with the ease of my purchase of E & O Insurance policy. The person who assisted was eager and informed, but not pushy. The whole experience was quite pleasant. Thanks

    Real Estate Agent/Broker (primarily residential)

  • Trish was awesome. Thanks so much for the help in getting this all taken care of.

    Recruitment Consultant

  • Unclear. It asks for my checking account and also for my VISA. Which gets charged? Thanks.

    Technical Writer

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Did you Know?

Any negligence or omissions in your services can cause your client to suffer financial loss and a potential lawsuit may follow.

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment

A Professional Liability Insurance policy provides you with coverage if something goes wrong in relation to the services you are providing. This insurance can safeguard advertising, marketing & entertainment professionals against allegations such as negligence, failure to perform, inaccuracy, bad advice, nondisclosure and over-promising.

A Professional Liability Insurance policy may protect your advertising, marketing or entertainment business against claims of copyright or trademark infringement related to your content. It can also protect against personal injury claims such as allegations of libel, slander, defamation, disparagement, etc.

General Liability – Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment

A General Liability policy can protect your business against claims of bodily injury, related medical costs, and accidental damage to someone else’s property.

In addition to bodily injury and property damage coverage, a General Liability insurance policy can cover allegations of advertising injury related to the promotion and advertising of your business. A General Liability is often required as part of a lease or customer contract.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – Advertising, Marketing & Entertainment

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a powerful insurance policy that can safeguard your business against both internal and external risk.

A Business Owner’s Policy for advertising, marketing &entertainment professionals is an easy and affordable insurance package that covers General Liability while also including business equipment coverage for your physical assets (leased or owned).

BOP’s can also include coverage for business auto liability, business interruption losses and other risks that such professionals are commonly exposed to.

Reviews related to insurance for marketing agency