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Insurance for Beauty & Fitness

... And many more … "Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Beauty & FitnessIn ... devastating.A Professional Liability policy for individuals and businesses in the beauty & fitness space ...

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What is Professional Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers?

Decades ago the fitness industry took the US by ... %. Chains such as 24-Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness and others are opening new ... ... excluded on any insurance policy. How much does professional liability insurance for a personal trainer ... cost? If you work for a fitness center ...

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How Much Does Personal Trainer Liability Insurance Cost

... stepped foot in a fitness club. The fitness industry has always been ... ... stepped foot in a fitness club. The fitness industry has always been ... and omissions insurance (which is another name for professional liability policy). Why a professional liability policy ...

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Why Do I Need Personal Trainer Liability Insurance?

... people achieve their health and fitness goals. After all, that’s ... ... those with a passion for health and fitness choose to become personal ... a personal trainer professional liability insurance policy, explain what to look for when purchasing ...

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Exposing the True Cost of Pilates Instructor Certification

... a tutor? Are you looking for a flexible schedule? Is working ... ... a professional liability insurance policy. Most studios will stipulate the need for your own liability insurance. ... Without professional liability insurance, you will be excluded from many teaching jobs. Fitness centers ...

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Why Do I Need Pilates Liability Insurance?

You may figure you know how to properly and carefully teach your students to do the Jackknife or perform Reformer exercises. So far teaching has gone smoothly and your ... The coverage is useful for claims from individuals. Professional liability insurance is also known ... accessories such as pads and fitness circles sell nutritional supplements invite ...

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Yoga Instructor Certification: Cost and Analysis

The benefits of regular yoga practice are becoming known to more people every day. The ancient practice now has more than 20 million practitioners in the United States ... teaching in a studio or fitness center, you will be required ... liability insurance. BizInsure offers General Liability coverage for less than $29.00 a month and Professional Liability ...

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What is Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance?

... mat class at the local fitness […] ... mat class at the local fitness center. You have years of ...   What Is Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance for Pilates Instructors? Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions ...

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How Much Does Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance Cost?

You have paid for your Pilates business with hours ... to protect your business with liability insurance. After investing so much already ... ... Industry Impact Your Cost? Insurance premiums for a professional liability policy are usually calculated ... In your case, perhaps a fitness center where you wish to ...

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How Much Do Personal Trainers Make + 4 Hacks to Earn More | BizInsure

  Did you know that personal training is one of the fastest growing careers in America with projected 330,000 jobs by 2026? It boasts flexible hours, low barriers ... vs. boutique, upscale fitness club –    group fitness trainer or a ... #8211; injuries, illnesses etc. A professional liability insurance will help offset the financial ...

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Be Prepared Before You Start Your Career as a Nutritionist

The journey of starting your own business as Nutritionist is surely an exciting one. Even though at first it may seem quite challenging, it will prove to be the most ... healthier lives and achieve their fitness goals. However, without a clear ... business against unanticipated hurdles. Professional liability insurance is deemed important for any new business ...

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Your Guide to The Best Personal Trainer Certifications

... an exhilarating business opportunity. The fitness industry in the US is ... growing every year, and more fitness gyms’ locations are opening ... specialized certifications such as senior fitness, youth fitness, nutrition, sports nutrition, exercise ...  helps protect you by making professional liability insurance for personal trainers easy and affordable. ...

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What Is Estheticians Liability Insurance

As a professional esthetician, you provide services to ... ... is professional liability insurance for estheticians and why you need it. Professional Liability insurance is ... Skin Care Professionals. (2018). Liability Insurance for Estheticians—ASCP Esthetician Insurance. [online] ...

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Complete Cost and Benefits of Yoga Insurance

... every day. As Americans search for ways to de-stress, connect, and ... ... One of the largest countenances for professional liability insurance in the yoga world is ... manage those risks by making professional liability insurance for yoga instructors easy and affordable. ...

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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is the one form of business insurance that most professional service providers agree ... even for their ... even for their personal lives, most professional service providers agree that professional liability insurance is ... expenses and any resulting settlements. Professional liability insurance is more than just a ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... ; "Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Consultants, Coaching & TrainingA Professional Liability insurance policy is critical for ...

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What Is Consultants Liability Insurance?

In 2017, American consultants produced around $63.2 Billion in revenue (Statista, 2018). This is not surprising considering the continued growth of the consulting field ... securing liability insurance.   Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance for Consultants Defined Professional liability insurance is ... business with liability insurance. Professional (E&O) Liability will provide ...

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Insurance for Staffing & Human Resources

... ; Human Resources A Professional Liability insurance policy is critical for staffing and human resource ... claim. A Professional Liability insurance policy is often required by contract for many staffing ...

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What You Need to Know About Being an Esthetician

Are you a people person? Have you always wanted to be a part of the exciting beauty industry? Would you like to go to work and make people look and feel great while earning ... rehab fitness, an esthetician has different fields available to them for specialization. ... result may seek damages.  A professional liability insurance policy will help protect you ...

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A Billion Dollar Mistake or Executives on the Take?

... 31, 2011. A Halloween fright for their employees, clients and shareholders ... ... 31, 2011. A Halloween fright for their employees, clients and ... covered by their Professional Liability insurance…or not. What does Professional Liability insurance cover? Professional Liability insurance, also known ...

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Insurance for Events, Planning & Organization

... , a dependable Professional Liability insurance policy is essential. A Professional Liability insurance policy&may protect you ... for injured parties. General Liability policies can also include Liquor Liability for ...

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Insurance for Financial Services

... Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Financial ServicesAs a financial professional, you are respected for ... your assets.A Professional Liability policy for financial professionals covers allegations ...

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Insurance for Legal Services

... from top insurance companies today."Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – ... for someone to blame.Professional Liability protects against allegations of negligence, errors, omissions, professional ...

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Insurance for Technology Services

... many more … Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Technology ... E&O,” Professional Liability insurance is extremely important for businesses and individuals ...

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Insurance for Writing & Publishing

... Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Writing & Publishing A Professional Liability insurance ... Publishing General Liability only offers partial protection for individuals and ...

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Why Do I Need Estheticians Liability Insurance?

... if you are an established professional with years of experience, one ... ... than that of an office professional for example. There are two types ... dollars. The difference between General Liability and Professional Liability insurance When someone talks to ...

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Why Insurance Is a Must Have for The Modern Yogi Teacher

... risks involved, fortunately, Yoga instructor liability insurance is there to protect you ... ... pocket for those expenses. Professional Liability Insurance: Don’t Teach a Class Without It Professional liability insurance ... helps protect you by making professional liability insurance for yoga instructors easy and ...

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The Complete Guide to Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance

... time thinking about yoga instructor liability insurance. You probably spend most of ... more education. With a heart for service and a mind geared ... Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance: Protection from Professional Liabilities Professional liability insurance covers you for claims made ... up being sued for slander. Professional liability insurance defends you against ...

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How Much Does Estheticians Liability Insurance Cost

... an easy choice when looking for a business to start. As ... ... misconception that the spa’s Professional Liability Insurance policy covers the Esthetician employees ... purchasing your own professional liability policy. –    Coverage for an individual – Even ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Choices for Small Businesses

... ’ve been in the market for business insurance lately you already know ... of options. The world of insurance is constantly changing and can ... is covered by General, Professional and Cyber Liability insurance. Professional Liability can be a stand-alone ... coverage included under your General Liability for things like: defamation, libel, slander ...

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Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes a winning difference for small business professionals? If you get in ... may never reach your destination. For a sole proprietorship What makes a winning difference for small business professionals? If you get in ... is the only professional liability insurance provider that enables independent professionals and small to ...

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Business Insurance Guidelines for Start Ups

... not have factored in securing insurance.  Many emerging entrepreneurs are uncertain ... kind of protection is suitable for their […] ... respond (e.g. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance). With the appropriate coverage in ... need higher limits? Professional Liability: Do you provide service for a fee? Employee ...

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Insurance for Crafts, Goods & Manufacturing

... type of business insurance for your industry.A General Liability policy for crafts, goods & ... interruption protection, equipment breakdown protection, professional liability, business auto coverage and more.A ...

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Insurance for Other Businesses

... been more important. Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Other Professional Liability insurance, also known ... business could be at risk for being sued by a customer ...

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General Liability Insurance

... when deciding if General Liability is the right insurance for you: Do you ... call one of our licensed professionals at 1-877-900-9998 to find out ...

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“GONE PHISHING!” – The Real Liability of the Virtual World

Phishing is a criminal practice that exploits individuals via fraudulent electronic communication and interaction.  Together with spear phishing, clone phishing and ... therefore is also responsibile for maintaining its security. ... Insurance. Cyber Insurance combines Technology Professional Liability (a.k.a. Errors & Omissions), Miscellaneous Professional Liability, Privacy Liability ...

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Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

... package that combines General Liability with coverage for your business property, inventory ... of business insurance is important for small business owners and independent professionals alike. ...

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Insurance for Construction & Installation

... insure many Construction & Installation professionals and businesses including (but not ... General Liability – Construction & InstallationGeneral Liability is a vital insurance policy for individuals ...

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Insurance for Auto Services

Why do Auto Service professionals need it? Working with or ... Garage Keeper’s Liability, a General Liability insurance policy is essential for the smooth ...

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Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

... time and damages reputation.  Professional Liability insurance can protect professional service providers from potentially ... your services. Coverage is provided for: Attorney fees and other legal ...

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It’s March Madness: Do you have a Defensive Game Plan for Your Business?

“How’s your bracket doing?” With March Madness upon us, my basketball-loving friends and I are anxiously comparing stats.  Along with the game comes the joy of ... remaining effectively clinched the victory for North Carolina.  He made an ... a significant cost.  Professional Liability insurance (a.k.a. Errors and Omissions Insurance or E&O ...

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Insurance for Landscaping

... efficient insurance for Landscaping professionals that is customized to suit your needs. General Liability ... – LandscapingThis insurance ...

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Why Insurance for Consultants is a ‘No Brainer’

As a small business owner, you are entrepreneurial by nature and open to taking personal risks that have the potential to result in long-term financial gain. This is ... ’s services and demanded compensation for the software’s failures, including ... differentiated rates because of this. Professional Liability insurance policies that cover any actual ...

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Business Insurance Explained: “Occurrence” vs. “Claims Made”

... with the best intentions, the insurance industry can be quite confusing ... important concept of “Occurrence” business insurance policies vs ... current insurance company would be responsible for the claim, not the insurance company ... actual slip occurred. Most Professional Liability (aka E&O) insurance policies are written ...

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Year end parties: having fun whilst covering the risks

... a time to start planning for the next one.  It is ... ... rescheduling the event.  Event liability insurance provides coverage for liability and claim defense in ... is liable for an incident related to the event.  Event liability insurance can ...

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Renewal time!

... stating that its business insurance is up for renewal.  In most cases ... and a request for payment.  It is tempting for the busy ... in excess of their existing insurance policies).  For a reasonable premium, business ... and Officers Liability insurance.   This coverage provides indemnification and defense for a corporation ...

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Insurance for Shop, Store & Retail

... , bank, etc.), General Liability is the foundation for protecting your business assets. ... to purchase their insurance. A BOP includes General Liability (as above), plus ...

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Emerging Business Risks in an Online Era

... York-based statistician, who was asked for his Facebook login during a ... ... York-based statistician, who was asked for his Facebook login during a ... Thankfully, affordable, easy to obtain professional liability insurance can help manage this risk. ...

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What is a typical Esthetician Salary + How to Earn More

Sometimes we grow up knowing exactly what we want to do in life; sometimes, we don’t know until much later where our passion truly lies. If you are reading this ... refer you to a medical professional for further diagnostic and treatment. How ... licensed agent support to provide insurance advice for estheticians, affordability, and ease. ...

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How Much Yoga Instructors Make + 5 Tips to Earn More

Yoga teachers are among the unsung heroes of our days helping students to de-stress, stay balanced, strong and flexible. Teaching yoga is a noble calling, and yoga is ... Outlook Handbook predicts the demand for fitness-related professionals, including yoga instructors to ... agent support to provide expert insurance advice, affordability, and ease.   ...

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Insurance for Day Care & Child Care

... "General Liability – Daycare/ChildcareThis is the most essential type of insurance for any ... childcare provider. General Liability insurance can cover allegations ...

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Insurance for Handyman

... needs as a Handyman. "General Liability – HandymanMany incidents can occur ... Liability coverage is the most important insurance policy you should have. Coverage for ...

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Facebook Investors De-Friend NASDAQ

... , it was the exchange chosen for the widely anticipated $16 billion ... ... Whether you’re an individual professional, a small business or a ... help you be an educated insurance consumer and eliminate redundancies or ...

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Promote Your Landscaping Business Without Busting the Bank

Your lawn care business is officially open, you did little to no promotion and your phone won’t stop ringing off the hook… said no one ever. But have no fear: Even ... use the internet to search for products or services before they ... list that they possess landscaping liability insurance or that they’re owned ...

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JOBS Act: New Access to Start-up Funding

... passionate about and the potential for success with practically no limitations. ... ... true thought leaders in the insurance industry who are experts at ... also explores what the potential liability ramifications of the JOBS Act ...

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The Roots of Risk: A Brief History of Insurance

With today’s insurance industry plagued by legal jargon, ... ... helped formed The Philadelphia Contributionship for The Insurance of Houses from Loss ... it’s far from perfect, insurance exists for a reason — a fundamental ...

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Insuring your inventory

... the retail price I charge for the inventory?” This post aims ... ... how inventory is typically valued for insurance purposes. For more information on our ... loss and (of course) premiums for insurance coverage. Business income coverage can ...

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Industries we serve

... ;t worry. Simply call us for personal assistance at 1-877-900-9998. Our ... help you customize the right insurance solution to meets your needs.

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Reviews related to liability insurance for fitness professionals

  • The woman I originally spoke with was extremely helpful in getting me a quote for Professional Liability Insurance. She really took the time to understand my business and to determine what policy would be best for me to apply for.

    Business Consultant

  • Josh was excellent in providing quick service for my immediate needs. He researched and provided the quote quickly. I will pass bizinsure's good name to others searching for professional liability insurance!

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  • Bee Her has been extremely helpful in assisting with my professional liability insurance needs.

    Freight Forwarder

  • These ease was very good, I'm looking for more insurance options, such as Liability Insurance, etc. I only had one insurance company populate.


  • I have to see. This is by far the best insurance purchasing experience that I have ever had. It is funny that you got me great coverage with Liberty Mutual, which gave me first real professional job back in the summer of 1998 as an INROADS Intern. Life co

    Anteneh "Alonzo" T.
    Business Consultant

  • Thank you for contacting me via e-mail with the reminder to renew my Business Liability insurance with your company. Carl R. Turnquist / Concord, MA

    Compliance Consultant

  • BizInsure has made protecting my business from liability risk very easy. Thanks for building a great platform for small businesses.


  • Like your reminder emails and Ease of paying the premium online . Hope you offer additional Insurance coverage such as Workers Comp and General Liability.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Could not a quote right away for Bonding. I wanted one monthly payment for both Bonding and Insurance. But overall a good experience.

    Cleaning (Residential In Home)

  • Thought I completed the purchase last night--might have been my mis-click. Hope to get copy of Insurance Certificate for Proof of Insurance today. Thanks.

    Technical Writer

  • Biz Insure with CNA has been very helpful in providing insurance for my company for the past year. I look forward to many more successful years.


  • Finding, purchasing and renewing insurance for my business on BizInsure could not be easier. I've already encouraged some of my friends to check out BizInsure for their enterprises.


  • So far I have no claims or anything else other than selecting insurance and paying for it, so far so good

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Looking forward to an Insurance company that we my do business for years to come. May God bless our New-Found-partnership of KCPS/P&P/HOME-RUNS ! P.L. 4/15/2016

    Property Preservation

  • Tricia Lee was extremely helpful, professional and friendly.

    Business Consultant

  • My Agent Trish was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. She guided me thru the application process to find the best insurance for my needs.

    Business Consultant

  • Erica was professional and very helpful in guiding me through the issues and policy verbiage. Thanks!


  • Great follow-up and your associates are professional and very courteous. Thanks!

    Executive Recruiter (excludes leased employees)

  • professional, customer focused services. No strings attached.

    IT (Information Technology) Consulting

  • Easiest online portal I have used for any business insurance quotes or purchase.

    Management Consultant

  • Trish was professional, helpful, and thus the reason I purchased this policy today. Excellent experience working with such a knowledgable agent. Thank you.

    Policy Advisory Consultant

  • Very professional and friendly support was provided.

    Research Consultant

  • Josh, was very professional, friendly and helpful!

    Software Developers

  • Not sure why this policy has to be renewed so far ahead of the expiration date of my existing policy. Also did not appreciate the excessive finance charges for monthly or quarterly payments and the requirement for a finance agreement signature - that is w

    Business Consultant

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Did you Know?

You may be held liable for bodily injury that may be inflicted on your customers.

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Beauty & Fitness

In a profession where you work to help others look and feel better, Professional Liability is a crucial asset. People are sensitive about appearance and if something goes wrong, the consequences can be devastating.

A Professional Liability policy for individuals and businesses in the beauty & fitness space can help cover claims alleging negligence, mistakes, errors, omissions, etc. related to the services you provide. It often covers claims when people are hurt, upset or feel under-served. A Professional Liability policy can also cover claims alleging personal injury (e.g., libel, slander, defamation, etc.).

When dealing with the public, mistakes are bound to happen. Small injuries, bad service and even offending someone can cause sizable damages, so it’s best to be prepared.

General Liability – Beauty & Fitness

A General Liability policy responds when someone gets hurt or their property is damaged, but the accident is not related to the services that you provide.

For example, clients might trip inside the salon, or they might have a weight fall on them while visiting the gym. When such accidents happen, the General Liability policy can help&protect your liability and may also help pay related medical expenses if the person was injured.

A General Liability policy can also cover advertising injuries related to the promotion or solicitation of your business.

Many professionals in the beauty & fitness industry are often required to have a General Liability policy in place via a contract requirement (customer, landlord, vendor, etc.).

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – Beauty & Fitness

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines General Liability protection (above), with coverage for your business property, business auto liability, business interruption, and more. Most individuals and professionals in the beauty & fitness industry who rent shop space or own business property will typically purchase this convenient and affordable package.

A BOP is a package approach to some of the more common exposures in your industry.

Reviews related to liability insurance for fitness professionals