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Insurance for Legal Services

... to compare quotes from top insurance companies today."Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) ... referred to as Malpractice or Errors & Omissions insurance, Professional Liability is triggered when ...

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How Liability Insurance Can Benefit Nutritionists

There's no question that every practicing Nutritionist has a lot to deal with to keep his or her business running. Between working with patients, studying and improving ... also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and Errors and Omissions (E&O and are designed ... among some Nutritionists, Professional Liability insurance is therefore known as Malpractice insurance. The nature ...

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Nutritionist Insurance: Guide Your Patients, Protect Your Practice

As a Nutritionist, you have been tasked with offering health advice that will inevitably shape the lives and well being of your patients. It is a very honorable profession ... any reliable form of Professional Liability insurance, or an Error and Omissions (E&O) Policy to protect ... as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and is most commonly known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) in ...

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What's the Difference? Notary Bond vs Errors and Omissions Insurance What You Need to Know

For over 4 Million Notaries in America, their seals and stamps are a solemn tool to be used with great integrity (National Notary Association, 2018). Notaries are generally ... about Notary Bonds versus Notary Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance. What is a Notary Bond ... Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) is a type of Professional Liability insurance for ...

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Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

What is Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance? E&O insurance, otherwise known as Professional Liability, can ... time and damages reputation. Professional Liability insurance can protect professional service providers ...

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Why Do Consultants Need Liability Insurance?

You've earned an MBA from an eminent university. You've worked for a decade in the C-Suite of a prestigious international consulting firm. Your co-workers often encourage ... lawsuit as well. Professional liability insurance is also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance. E&O insurance is recommended ... get a more specific quote for consulting liability insurance, please click here.

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What Is Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance?

Becoming a realtor is a popular career of choice for many. The potential for a high income as well as an opportunity to work closely with people is enticing. However ... does a Professional Liability insurance cover? A Professional Liability policy (sometimes called an errors & omissions policy) is ... be able to help you compare multiple quotes and answer any questions ...

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How Much Does Notary Public Insurance Cost?

Whether you're running your own Notary Public business or you're working for a certified employer, you're likely to need Notary Public insurance. Although Notary Public ... the cracks. Often called Professional Liability insurance, or Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, this type of ... a max of $100 monthly. Compare that to a state-required notary ...

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Insurance for Accountants

... to compare multiple quotes so you can compare cost and coverage. What is Professional Liability Insurance? Professional Liability ... , bad advice, failure to perform, malpractice, etc. It is triggered when ...

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How Much Does Consultant Liability Insurance Cost?

... another minute waiting to buy Liability insurance. After […] ... consulting firm will receive liability quotes unique to its own design ... injury or property damage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Errors & Omission or E&O) Professional (E&O) Liability insurance is meant to ...

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What is a Notary Public's Salary and Tips on How to Earn More?

Notary Publics are highly regarded individuals with a great amount of responsibility. They serve as an impartial witness during the signing of the most important documents ... will want to purchase an Errors & Omissions (E&O) Liability Insurance policy. The cost for a ... develop a more accurate premium quote. The quote process will only take ...

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Insurance for Other Businesses

... Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Other Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions insurance (or E&O ... negligent act, error or omission. Professional Liability policies can ...

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Insurance for Videographer

... you. You can easily compare quotes from different insurance providers ... business. Professional Liability insurance What is Professional Liability insurance Professional Liability, also known as Errors and Omissions or E&O ...

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It's March Madness: Do you have a Defensive Game Plan for Your Business?

... friends and I are anxiously comparing stats. Along with the game ... heroics…and the occasional human error that thwarts that winning play ... friends and I are anxiously comparing stats. Along with the game ... a significant cost. Professional Liability insurance (a.k.a. Errors and Omissions Insurance or E&O) is designed to ...

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What Is Consultants Liability Insurance?

In 2017, American consultants produced around $63.2 Billion in revenue (Statista, 2018). This is not surprising considering the continued growth of the consulting field ... securing liability insurance. Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance for Consultants Defined Professional liability insurance is also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance. E&O insurance ...

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Liability Insurance: Even Notary Publics Need It

Consider any profession in any industry or a moment. What do they all have in common? They're all run by people. What do people have in common? People make mistakes, ... liability insurance? Professionally liability insurance? Errors and Omissions Insurance Professional liability, also called Errors and Omissions ... processes. A professional liability insurance policy, that E&O we've been ...

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Insurance for Management Consultant

... or call us today to compare free quotes today. Risks management consultants ... made This is where your Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions insurance) insurance comes into play. The ...

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Business Insurance Guidelines for Start Ups

As a start up business owner, you know how hectic and exciting the early stages of building a new company can be. With all of the other time consuming tasks on your plate ... Liability, and Employers Liability. 4. Professional Liability (a.k.a. Errors and Omissions/E&O) If you ... good faith, Overpromising, Improper documentation, Malpractice, Mismanagement, Misrepresentation of facts, ...

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Insurance for Financial Services

... Click or Call us to compare quotes today, for free. Financial Services ... Financial Consultants And many more... "Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Financial ServicesAs ...

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Why Do I Need Accountant Liability Insurance?

Accounting professionals make the confusing, arcane and difficult world of budgeting, taxes and payroll understandable. To do this, accounting professionals must keep ... errors and omissions coverage is for. It is the crown jewel of Professional Liability insurance. ...

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What is Accountant Liability Insurance?

... much time thinking about Accountant Liability insurance. Your work days are filled ... ... accounting professionals face include: Errors or omissions that lead to financial loss ... plan contains Commercial General Liability insurance (CGL) and Professional Liability insurance. These two coverages protect ...

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A Billion Dollar Mistake or Executives on the Take?

Have you heard about MF Global? If you've been following the top business news lately it would be hard to miss. It all started with a ratings downgrade which triggered ... their Professional Liability insurance…or not. What does Professional Liability insurance cover? Professional Liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O ...

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What You Need to Know About Notary Public Liability Insurance

... exception. Notary Public Liability insurance provides notaries financial cushion against errors, omissions, and negligent ... ... Notary Public Liability insurance provides notaries financial cushion against errors, omissions, and negligent ... Public Liability Insurance Cover? It should be noted that Notary Public Professional Liability insurance ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... Click or Call us to compare quotes, for free, today. Consultants' ... more ... "Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Consultants, Coaching & TrainingA Professional Liability insurance policy is ...

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Be Prepared Before You Start Your Career as a Nutritionist

The journey of starting your own business as Nutritionist is surely an exciting one. Even though at first it may seem quite challenging, it will prove to be the most ... to your success. What is professional liability insurance? Professional liability insurance policy particularly protects you and ... Insurance with additional coverage Nutritionist malpractice insurance policy protects your ...

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How Much Does Accountants Liability Insurance Cost?

... and commercial clients. Making an error in your duties or neglecting ... ... why Accountant Liability Insurance is critical. It protects you against: Errors or omissions leading ... face while operating your business. Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants: An Affordable and ...

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Insurance for Acupuncture Clinics

... comprehensive coverage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Malpractice Liability Insurance) Acupuncture Clinics A Professional Liability (aka E&O or malpractice) policy is ...

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Insurance for Adult Day Care

... comprehensive coverage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Malpractice Liability Insurance) Adult Day Care A Professional Liability (aka E&O or malpractice) policy ...

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Insurance for Artificial Limb Clinics

... comprehensive coverage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Malpractice Liability Insurance) Artificial Limb Clinics A Professional Liability (aka E&O or malpractice) policy ...

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Insurance for Ocularist

... and comprehensive coverage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Malpractice Liability Insurance) Ocularist A Professional Liability (aka E&O or malpractice) policy is ...

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Insurance for Paramedics

... and comprehensive coverage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Malpractice Liability Insurance) Paramedics A Professional Liability (aka E&O or malpractice) policy is ...

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Insurance for Pharmacists

... and comprehensive coverage. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Malpractice Liability Insurance) Pharmacists A Professional Liability (aka E&O or malpractice) policy is ...

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Professional Liability Insurance

What is Professional Liability Insurance? Professional Liability, otherwise known as E&O insurance, protects your business against ... resulting from alleged negligence or error in the delivery of your ...

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The Average Consultants' Salary and How to Earn More

Consulting work may seem like a very glamorous profession. Jetting from coast-to-coast for client meetings, business dinners, and hotel room stays. However, at the end ... you lose the lawsuit. Professional (Errors & Omission) Liability Insurance is an added layer of ... consulting business might pay for liability insurance. Conclusion Environmental, IT, Management, and ...

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Insurance for Physical Therapists

... Professional Liability insurance (Malpractice Insurance), General Liability insurance, and Cyber Liability insurance. Each of these types of liability insurances ... , or electrical stimulation Errors or mistakes made while ...

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Engineer Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) for Engineers Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O), Professional Liability insurance is designed ...

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“GONE PHISHING!” - The Real Liability of the Virtual World

Phishing is a criminal practice that exploits individuals via fraudulent electronic communication and interaction. Together with spear phishing, clone phishing and whaling ... Cyber Insurance combines Technology Professional Liability (a.k.a. Errors & Omissions), Miscellaneous Professional Liability, Privacy Liability and Network ...

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Insurance for Yoga Instructors & Yoga Studios

... do. Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Yoga Instructors and Yoga Studios Professional Liability coverage ... of alleged negligence, mistakes, omissions and errors related to the instruction or ...

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Why Do I Need Real Estate Agents Liability Insurance?

The career path of a Real Estate agent is undoubtedly tricky in the beginning starting with passing your licensing exam to obtain the all-important license to sell. Then ... interests – Bank mortgage or inspection error – while you are not directly ... receive instant quotes from our leading partners for Real Estate Agent Professional Liability insurance.

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Insurance for Nurses

... require nurse to have general liability insurance. Insurance for nurses Our Miscellaneous ... you financially. Having Malpractice Liability insurance gives additional coverage to the Professional Liability coverage which ...

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Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes a winning difference for small business professionals? If you get in a boat without a compass or a map, you may never reach your destination. For a sole proprietorship ... smarter. BizInsure is the only professional liability insurance provider that enables independent professionals ... small to midsized businesses to compare multiple quotes, purchase online, and receive ...

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Is an Accounting Certification Right for You?

Are you looking to take your Accounting career to the next level? As an Accounting Professional, you have great options for increasing your earning potential with getting ... accidents, mistakes or omissions in your work. Professional liability insurance protects you from claims ... example, if you make an error on a tax preparation that ...

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Professional Liability Insurance Choices for Small Businesses

If you've been in the market for business insurance lately you already know that there are a full range of options. The world of insurance is constantly changing and ... by General, Professional and Cyber Liability insurance. Professional Liability can be a stand-alone coverage ... making a mistake ( such as errors, omissions, and negligence) that results in ...

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How Much Does Real Estate Agent Liability Insurance Cost?

A Real Estate Agent is a highly popular occupation for those looking for flexible hours, interacting with clients and of course the potential to earn a high income. Of ... ’s begin! How much does Professional Liability insurance cost? We would love to ... assets by providing instant quotes for a Professional Liability policy. Click here to ...

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Yoga Instructor Certification: Cost and Analysis

The benefits of regular yoga practice are becoming known to more people every day. The ancient practice now has more than 20 million practitioners in the United States ... a quick and easy quote on affordable professional liability insurance policies. Teach: As you ... the better. Your certification and professional liability insurance will give you an edge ...

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Expected Average Income and Expenses for a New Real Estate Agent

If you are reading this blog post, then you are likely considering a new career as a Real Estate Agent. Or maybe, you have already gotten your real estate license and ... should be aware of. A Professional Liability insurance policy protects your new business ... Agent Professional Liability insurance. We are happy to send you an instant quote if ...

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Why Insurance Is a Must Have for The Modern Yogi Teacher

... risks involved, fortunately, Yoga instructor liability insurance is there to protect you ... ... liability insurance. Why You Need Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance: The Details Commercial general liability insurance and professional liability insurance ...

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Complete Cost and Benefits of Yoga Insurance

There seems to be no end to the growing popularity of yoga. The ancient practice continues to draw new students every day. As Americans search for ways to de-stress, ... instructor professional liability insurance policy. General Liability and Professional Liability: Elements of Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance A ...

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The Complete Guide to Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance

... time thinking about yoga instructor liability insurance. You probably spend most of ... ... premises. Yoga Instructor Liability Insurance: Protection from Professional Liabilities Professional liability insurance covers you for ... specific to your teaching. Professional liability insurance protects you from claims ...

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Business Insurance Explained: “Occurrence” vs. “Claims Made”

Even with the best intentions, the insurance industry can be quite confusing at times. A great example is the subtle yet important concept of "Occurrence" business insurance ... the slip occurred. Most General Liability insurance policies are written on Occurrence ... the actual slip occurred. Most Professional Liability (aka E&O) insurance policies are written ...

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The 10 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Nutritionist

Beginning your journey as a Nutritionist can seem overwhelming at first, and it's often difficult to keep track of everything involved in the business. There are, however ... you at a significant disadvantage compared to your competitors. Your social ... need. While every Nutritionist needs Professional Liability insurance, some forms (like Property insurance ...

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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is the one form of ... professional service providers agree that professional liability insurance is a necessary cost ... professional service providers agree that professional liability insurance is a necessary cost of ... expenses and any resulting settlements. Professional liability insurance is more than just a ...

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Emerging Business Risks in an Online Era

Recently, a focus has been placed on job applicant rights in regard to employer access to their Facebook profile and online identity. The story of Justin Basset, a New ... ask questions, seek feedback, request quotes, and establish performance expectations. In ... Thankfully, affordable, easy to obtain professional liability insurance can help manage this risk. ...

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Consumer Demands and Professional Liability Insurance Go Hand in Hand

In the modern world, consumers can perform thorough research on thousands of options before deciding where to buy their services. Throughout the research process there ... where professional liability insurance comes in. In its most simplistic form, professional liability insurance provides ... potential for very expensive lawsuits. Professional liability insurance offers service providers a ...

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General Liability Insurance

... stake. How much does General Liability insurance cost?Premium can vary significantly ... low as $33/month. Getting a quote with BizInsure is easy - ...

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Why Insurance for Consultants is a 'No Brainer'

As a small business owner, you are entrepreneurial by nature and open to taking personal risks that have the potential to result in long-term financial gain. This is ... differentiated rates because of this. Professional Liability insurance policies that cover any actual ... as $45 a month. General Liability insurance policies that cover actual or ...

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Year end parties: having fun whilst covering the risks

December is a time to reflect on the year that has gone by as well as a time to start planning for the next one. It is also a time that businesses have holiday parties ... procuring event cancellation and event liability insurance. Event Cancellation insurance covers losses ... or rescheduling the event. Event liability insurance provides coverage for liability and ...

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Insuring your inventory

We have been receiving a lot of queries recently about how inventory is valued by an insurer in the event of a loss. One common question is, "Why do I get what I paid ... increase during their peak season compared to their off season. Entities ...

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Renewal time!

Once a year, your business will get a piece of mail stating that its business insurance is up for renewal. In most cases, it will include a quotation of the premium and ... about purchasing Directors and Officers Liability insurance. This coverage provides indemnification and ...

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Five of the Most Popular Business Consultancy Occupations- What's Right for You

Want to be a consultant but still feel unsure when picking which career path will suit you? It's not surprising since there are plenty of options. Right now, Business ... protected. Find out more about liability insurance for consultants by visiting the ... includes ensuring that you have liability insurance to protect yourself. Reference List ...

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Did you Know?

Bizinsure offers General Liability coverage for most legal services professionals

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) - Legal Services

As a legal services professional, you are regarded as an expert at what you do. Thus, your clients demand a high degree of professionalism and accuracy in the services that you provide. However, mistakes and misunderstandings can always happen and when they do, people often look for someone to blame.

Professional Liability protects against allegations of negligence, errors, omissions, professional mistakes and other common risks specific to the services that you provide. It is an essential business insurance coverage for legal services professionals.

Sometimes referred to as Malpractice or Errors & Omissions insurance, Professional Liability is triggered when someone alleges that your service caused them financial harm. The policy can help pay costs related to your defense and other related damages. A Professional Liability policy is commonly required by contract.

General Liability - Legal Services

A General Liability insurance policy is the most basic form of business insurance. It can help cover allegations of bodily injury or property damage that may happen inside or outside of your office or place of work. General Liability also protects against advertising injury and personal injury claims related to your business. These can include allegations of false advertising, libel, slander, defamation and more.

Individuals and businesses that are renting office space are often required by a landlord to have a General Liability policy in place. Additionally, your clients or other vendors may require proof of General Liability insurance before you can begin work on their premises.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) - Legal Services

If you want to also insure your business property, you will want to purchase a Business Owner's Policy (BOP). A BOP is a convenient and inexpensive way to protect against several of the more common exposures that businesses operating out of an office or home may encounter.

A BOP includes everything that a General Liability policy offers (see above), while also providing options to cover your business property, business interruption, non-owned business auto liability, and more. BOPs protect physical and virtual assets and cover the actions of your employees and independent contractors.

Reviews related to compare malpractice liability paralegal quotes