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Why do Pilates Instructors & Pilates Studios need it?

The art of Pilates has steadily grown in popularity in recent years, with many individuals and studios offering this specialized practice. Because of this, the practice has also attracted attention of personal injury lawyers. The intensity of Pilates can cause mistakes to happen, whether through the fault of the instruction or not. This is why you need to be prepared with customized insurance coverage for Pilates instructors and studios that is tailored to exactly what you do.

Did you Know?

Studio owners often require Pilates instructors who are independent contractors to carry their own insurance

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Pilates Instructors & Pilates Studios

This policy is specifically related to the instruction you are providing. Suppose a session is more advanced for the individual or your suggested poses cause injury. In this instance your policy may cover claims of alleged negligence, mistakes or errors against the instructor. This policy may reimburse you for covered legal expenses and any resulting damages claimed by the individual.

General Liability – Pilates Instructors & Pilates Studios

General Liability protects your business from third party injuries or accidental damage to another person’s property if these incidents are related to the classes you provide or your operations in general. This policy may cover claims whether the accident is the fault of your business or not. The General Liability Policy pays defense costs and any damages incurred up to your chosen policy limit. It does not necessarily cover liability from you instruction; for this see Professional Liability below.

Coverage for Your Equipment

It is always recommended that you protect any equipment or materials purchased as part of the business or services you provide. This type of coverage can be quickly and easily be added to your program through our platform.

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