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Why do Daycare & Childcare centers need it?

Working with children can be extremely rewarding, but it also can be challenging. When dealing with children, the risks of an accident occurring is very real and often very scary. Mistakes can happen and emotions run higher when kids are involved. Because of this, Liability Insurance is extremely important to protect your Childcare business. This is why BizInsure specializes in providing affordable and customized insurance to Daycare and Childcare centers.

Did you Know?

General liability insurance provides coverage for daycare businesses for claims that may arise from bodily injury or property damage that may occur on premises.

General Liability – Daycare/Childcare

This is the most essential type of insurance for any childcare provider. General Liability insurance can cover allegations of bodily injury or property damage related to your business activities. These can include accidental or alleged harm or injury to children or other individuals who interact with your business. The policy covers may be able to cover your legal expenses as well as any medical costs or property damage that may be incurred. This policy also can include coverage for allegations of abuse and/or sexual misconduct.

Coverage for your Property/Equipment

It is important to protect any equipment and/or materials that you have purchased in order to run your business successfully. This type of insurance protects your property in the event of damage.