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General Liability insurance for Painters

A General Liability insurance policy protects painters against claims and lawsuits that may arise from a bodily injury sustained by a third-party or damage to a third party’s property. It may also be referred to or sold as Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance or “slip and fall” coverage. The coverage provided by these policies is important for painters and other contractors who provide clients with physical services, interact with outside parties on a regular basis, or meet with clients for business-related activities on worksites or other third-party locations.

General Liability insurance for Painters

Did you know?

General Liability insurance also provides coverage against allegations that are false or without merit.

Why do painters need General Liability insurance?

A simple coat of paint can do a lot to improve a property’s appearance and market value. That’s why quality painters like you are in high demand with residential and commercial clients. While a booming business is good for your bottom line, it also opens you up to many potential risks.

Clients, subcontractors, delivery people and vendors could make a claim against you for injuries or property damage. Consider this: Another contractor trips over a paint can left out at a worksite and requires stitches. Since it was your tools that caused the injury, you could be found liable and forced to pay the contractor’s medical bills.

General Liability insurance for painters covers the costs associated with injury claims made by third parties, so you don’t have to. Your commercial painting insurance will also provide coverage for third-party property damage, so if you accidentally break or otherwise harm someone else’s property while on the job, your business will be protected financially.

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What does Insurance for Painters cover?

General Liability insurance for painters covers claims and lawsuits resulting from:

  • Third party injuries
  • Third party property damage

This form of painting contractor insurance also provides coverage for baseless or false claims. It can be just as expensive for businesses to defend against a meritless claim as one that does have merit. A General Liability policy can help your painting business stay afloat if a false claim is ever made against you.

What is not covered?

General Liability Painting Cover does not protect business against:

  • Professional errors
  • Employee injuries and illnesses
  • Damage to your business tools and other property
  • Damage to your employees’ tools and personal property
  • Auto accidents

Additional forms of insurance for painters may be available to help your small business manage these and other risks you may face.

Who needs Painters Insurance?

Small business owners want to shield their small businesses against financially devastating claims, no matter what industry they are working in. Contractors who might consider General Liability insurance include:

  • Residential painters – Help homeowners freshen up their homes, inside and out, while protecting your small business.
  • Commercial painters – Offer painting services to other businesses and commercial properties with more peace of mind thanks to painting contractor insurance.
  • Industrial painters – Take on larger painting contracts, such as bridges and other infrastructure projects, with the confidence that insurance for painters can provide.
  • Auto painting businesses – Customize cars, trucks, motorcycles and more with painting coverage to back you up.
  • Graffiti artists – Apply your creative painting talents to custom murals and protect yourself and your clients.
  • Exterior Painters – Professionals painting outdoor structures need painters insurance to safeguard against property damage, injuries, and weather incidents.
  • Interior Painters – Experts working within properties need painters insurance against property damage, paint fumes, or project-related accidents.
  • Painters and Decorators – Are individuals or businesses delivering painting and decorating services require protection against workmanship issues, property damage, and job-related injuries.
  • Other contractors – Painters aren’t the only tradespeople who might benefit from General Liability coverage! Contractors of all specialties may want to consider buying a policy.

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How much does General Liability insurance for painters costs?

The cost of commercial General Liability insurance can vary widely from one painting business to another. A sole proprietor will likely pay less for painting contractor insurance than a business employing several painters. Different factors may influence the insurance cost for your business.

Factors that impact painting cover premiums include:

  • The services you offer – Such as residential, commercial, industrial or auto painting.
  • Your business’ annual revenue and turnover – Larger contracts may present more risk to your business and insurer.
  • Who is being covered and their qualifications – Depending on your business size and structure, you may need to cover multiple types of employees working in various capacities.
  • How much coverage you need – You may be required by state or local law to maintain minimum levels of coverage.
  • Your past claims history – Insurers may also consider the risk management steps you’ve put in place to help avoid future claims.
  • Additional endorsements (e.g., coverage for equipment).

Comparing quotes from different insurers can be a good way to understand how policy cost varies and how much you can expect to pay for commercial painting insurance.

Coverage options for painters

BizInsure understands the insurance needs of painters. That’s why we’ve made it fast and easy to find, compare and buy General Liability coverage.

Why choose BizInsure for Painters Insurance?

BizInsure is in the business of helping small businesses find the insurance they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Painters Business Insurance

What insurance does a self employed painter need?

A self-employed painter typically needs several forms of insurance coverage to be fully protected, including:

– General Liability Insurance: This is crucial for covering accidents causing bodily injury or property damage to others.

– Workers Compensation: If they hire employees, this would cover medical costs and lost wages for work-related injuries.

– Commercial Auto Insurance: If they use a vehicle for work, this covers damage or accidents during business operations.

Is General Liability required by law for painters?

In some areas, General Liability insurance is required by law for painters. Some state, cities or local areas will ask for proof of insurance before issuing you with a painting contractor license. You may be required to maintain minimum levels of General Liability coverage to remain licensed. It is advisable to check with your state, city or local government to understand the licensing and insurance requirements in your area.

Even if General Liability insurance is not required by law in your area, you may still need a policy to lease commercial business space or to work with certain clients. A policy can provide your business with important coverage that can protect your business financially.

Do I need General Liability insurance to receive a painter’s license?

Some states require painters to provide proof of General Liability insurance in order to become licensed. This may also be required by your city or local government. Typically, you will need to maintain a minimum level of General Liability coverage to obtain and remain a licensed painter.

State or local governments may require painters to have General Liability insurance to help protect the public should they suffer an injury or property damage due to actual or alleged negligence on your part. However, a policy can also protect your business from the potentially devastating effects of a general liability claim or lawsuit.

We advise checking with your state, city or local government for up-to-date licensing requirements in your area.

Besides General Liability, what kind of insurance is mandatory for painting businesses?

Insurance requirements can vary by location and size of the business, but generally, in addition to General Liability Insurance, painting businesses may be required by law to have:

– Workers’ Compensation Insurance: If the business has employees, most states require workers’ compensation insurance. It covers medical costs and a portion of lost wages for employees who get injured or sick on the job. Indeed, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a legal requirement in most states.

– Commercial Auto Insurance: If a business-owned vehicle is involved, commercial auto insurance is typically required by law. It protects your business in case of auto accidents that occur while you or your staff use company-owned cars for business.

While not legally required, Tools (Equipment) Coverage can be especially important for painters. This insurance protects your business equipment and tools from damage or theft, which can be critical in maintaining business operations.

Please check with local laws and insurance agents for the most accurate information for your area.

How can I get a certificate of insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is proof that you are covered by General Liability or other forms of insurance. Your clients, businesses that you subcontract for, or your commercial landlord may ask for a COI before working with you.

You will receive a COI instantly via email after purchasing General Liability insurance for painters with BizInsure. COIs can be downloaded or requested through your account if you ever need additional copies.

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