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Customer Spotlight – Kevin R. Barnes Architecture

As BizInsure continues to grow because of the incredible and diverse range of small businesses we cover, we want to extend the appreciation to the same group of people – our customers. 

In the first of many to come, we are excited to launch the BizInsure Customer Spotlight. The Customer Spotlight will be a way for us to give back to the small business community by showcasing one of our customers and their business. 

We’re kicking it all off with Kevin Barnes, Principal at Kevin R. Barnes Architecture. While he’s only been a BizInsure customer for a short amount of time, Kevin has been his own boss since 1986. 

We spoke to him about his business, the current state of the architectural industry and asked what advice he had for aspiring small business owners. 

To get started, can you please give a brief description of your business? 

KRB Arc provides full Architectural services including Design, Planning and Sustainability requirements for development of New Construction and Tenant Improvement projects within the Building and Construction industry. 

What inspired you to become an architect? 

I’ve always been spatially aware and intrigued by built environments and how we interact with them. Being able to contribute and be a part of the process that leads to well designed and successful spaces and projects is fulfilling to me as an architect. 

What do you see as the key opportunities and challenges for architects in 2020?  

As 2020 progresses I think as architects we need to keep an eye on business sectors as they relate to fluctuations in the economy. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and as a small business being able to stay nimble enough to adapt to changing conditions as needed. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business?  

For someone looking to start their own business I would recommend having a strong and competent network in place including consultants, engineers, contractors and building managers to name a few. A qualified, diverse and efficient team is key to being successful when starting off small and being able to compete and deliver services. 

Finally, what motivated you to choose BizInsure for your business insurance? 

The simplicity and ease of having BizInsure handling my Professional Liability Insurance needs allows me to concentrate what I know how to do best in my profession. I can easily scale up and down as my business grows and project types change over time. 

To view Kevin’s impressive portfolio, you can visit his Website. 

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