How to Find Handyman Jobs Online

Mar 18, 2022 · 7 minutes to read

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Websites and apps that help handymen locate new customers and jobs are on the rise. These platforms can give handymen businesses a distinct edge over the competition, allowing them to discover many handyman jobs online from clients who are actively looking for help. This could help you reduce your marketing costs and avoid wasting budget reaching people who aren’t in the market for your services.

But hold off on bidding! It’s easy to become lost on these sites, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to put together a winning offer.

Because your time is money, let’s go through some of the sites where you might potentially make a decent living as a handyman, as well as how to build a profile that could get you more handyman work.

The Best Places to Look for Handyman Work

There are many sites and apps that can connect your handyman business to new customers. However, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into before you start. It takes time and effort to build your profile and start winning jobs. Competition can be fierce, and you shouldn’t expect to win the first project you bid on.

Now, let’s look at some popular websites for finding customers wishing to employ a handyman:

1. Handyman.com

Handyman.com allows you to look through projects that have been uploaded by homeowners in your area. Based on your profile information, Handyman.com will also match you to particular jobs that appear to be a good fit.

2. HomeAdvisor.com

Home Advisor is a massive website that allows you to swiftly search for handyman tasks near you. While HomeAdvisor is marketed as a contractor-focused service, handymen may bid on a variety of jobs.

3. BuildZoom.com

This site is comparable to HomeAdvisor in that it concentrates mostly on contractors; nevertheless, handymen with expertise in home projects are likely to find employment on this site.

4. Thumbtack.com

Thumbtack is an excellent website dedicated to connecting service experts (such as handymen!) with people in need of assistance with their tasks. Projects vary in size and variety, so you can always find something fascinating to do.

5. Nextdoor.com

Nextdoor is a website that allows you to connect with people in your neighborhood. People often publish updates, ask questions, and browse for services that their neighbors have suggested. This is a huge benefit for handymen since you may advertise your services (for free) and begin creating a local clientele. Once you’ve gained a few clients, they may begin suggesting you to their friends and neighbors.

What about Angie’s List and other such websites?

If you’re just getting started, you may decide to avoid sites like Angie’s List at first. These types of sites are often expensive to join and use. You want to keep your beginning expenditures to a minimum, and fees charged by sites like Angie’s List may easily add up to thousands of dollars before you realize it.

How to Build an Online Profile That Gets You Work

You must first register and create a profile before you can begin bidding on handyman services online. We recommend devoting time to perfecting your profile since it will most likely be the initial point of contact for potential customers. Regardless of the site(s) you’re using, be sure to include essential information, such as:

  • Your company’s name
  • Your whole name
  • Your contact information (phone number and email address)
  • The place where you do business
  • Specialties in which you provide services
  • Your website
  • Photos showing examples of your work
  • Your hourly fee or the scope of your project
  • Insurance and licensing information for your handyman business

You should also explain what you bring to the table besides your physical skills. Emphasize your excellent customer service, quick project delivery, and flexibility in meeting a customer’s needs, for example.

Request that a few friends or family members read what you’ve written and provide feedback. If you’re having trouble writing, ask someone who is skilled at it to assist you. It may make a huge impact when it comes to attracting clients!

How to Create a Successful Project Bid When Looking for Handyman Jobs Online

Your project quote will be the first thing a potential customer sees, but if you live in a competitive location, chances are the client will be receiving bids from other handymen at the same time.

Try the following tactics to improve your chances of having your bid noticed:

1. Make your employment offer unique

Including the customer’s name in the bid seems like common sense, right? Many handymen follow the “one-size-fits-all” approach, which may surprise you. They create a standard bid and send it to every job they choose without altering or adapting it for the project in question.

Ensure that you don’t make this error. Customizing an online bid with the person’s name and a few facts about their project takes only a few minutes. It makes a tremendous impact since it shows the customer that you read their project post carefully.

2. Request the position as soon as possible

Some websites, such as HomeAdvisor, include a phone number with their project proposal. Call the customer immediately if you’re interested. Introduce yourself, tell them where you spotted their project, and ask any follow-up questions you need to give them an estimate. The old adage often holds true in this case: the early bird gets the worm!

3. Request a face-to-face meeting to discuss handyman jobs

When you demonstrate that you’re willing to undertake a project walkthrough in order to provide an estimate, you may be more likely to win a bid. Even if a potential customer has previously viewed your work, bring your portfolio with you. It’s a good idea to remind them of the standard of your work.

4. Provide professional references

For a client, hiring online might be a frightening proposition. You should give as many references and evaluations as possible, as this will help reassure a customer that you are a trustworthy handyman. Remember to ask satisfied customers to write you a review when a project is completed; this will help you establish a great online review portfolio.

5. When quoting the final project price, be precise

One of the most common complaints clients have with handyman quotes is that the final project estimate fluctuated dramatically from the first estimate. If you want to win a client’s project, resist the urge to underbid them.

If you’re unsure how much a job will cost, give them an estimate as close to your hourly rate as possible.

Looking Beyond the Bid

Finding customers online, particularly if you’re new to the handyman business, may be a difficult task. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself spending more time and money than you intended on internet sites. But if you put in the right amount of time and effort, you’ll hopefully have handyman projects swiftly coming your way!

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