How To Write a Better Handyman Estimate?

Feb 25, 2022 · 5 minutes to read

Handyman writes down notes while working in a kitchen

Handyman services are becoming increasingly popular. Service apps have made it easier than ever for customers to connect with handymen to get home repairs and maintenance chores done quickly. But for the handymen themselves, this also means more competition from both other professionals and aspiring amateurs.

To distinguish themselves from the competition, a handyman or handywoman needs a broad base of knowledge, as well as keen critical thinking abilities and creative marketing methods. They also need to set fair prices that make them affordable to customers without selling themselves short.

This article will help people in the construction and home repair industries to better understand how to write a work estimate that could boost profitability and expand their business network.

Handyman Services are available in a variety of forms.

The word “handyman” refers to a wide range of professions and persons; a handyman does not have to be a man, as women can do all of the same duties. In this article, we use the term “handyman,” although we’re referring to a profession of people with many identities.

Then there’s the question of what type of labor handymen do for their clients.

The following are some of the standard services:

  • Installation and repair of tiles
  • Installation of insulation for the attic
  • Bathroom renovations, upgrades, and upkeep
  • Deck maintenance and refinishing
  • Repairing drywall
  • Gutter maintenance, siding repair, and fence installations and repairs.
  • Carpentry fundamentals

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it serves as a decent starting point for determining what type of work you may be asked to provide.

1. Setting a Price

While many handyman services charge by the hour, you can charge by the job if the work is one that you believe you can correctly estimate.

According to industry experts, at the very least, a minimum service charge should be established. Some jobs might be as simple as replacing a light switch or adding a doorbell. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to charge a flat cost for minor work like this or charge an hourly rate. The greater and more complicated the project, the higher your hourly rate may be.

It’s important to remember that the price you charge should cover more than just your time spent on the job. Another item to think about is your resources and supplies. Many projects involve the use of materials that your customer will need to pay for. You may also want to add a reasonable mark up to your prices in case extra supplies are needed.

2. Average Job Duration

You’ll want to know the average time it takes other handymen to do specific tasks to assess if you have a decent production rate. This is the average amount of time it takes you to complete a task.

Sometimes, determining how much work you can perform in an hour is used to determine production rates. Other times, it may be discovered by observing how long it takes you to accomplish a task in its entirety.

Time yourself several times to determine your output rate. Keep in mind that you’re not averaging the time it takes you to complete all handyman projects; instead, you’re averaging the time it takes you to complete a single job, such as drywall installation.

Calculate the average time it takes you to complete popular handyman projects. Then compare these to a national average to discover where you rank among your peers. This will help you determine your skill level and industry competitiveness.

3. A word on labor evaluation

Many projects are simple enough to be handled by a single person. However, you could bring more than one person to a project, especially if it’s huge and complicated.

You should try to get a solid sense of how much work the a will demand during your initial walkthrough or talk with your customer. If you believe you will need assistance, make sure you factor this into your estimate and hourly estimates.

If someone is paid at a different rate or has different hours assigned to them, you can adjust your estimate accordingly without affecting your own rate or hours.


Working as a handyman necessitates a high level of competence both on and off the job site. When establishing how much to charge for your services, there are numerous factors to consider.

  • Determine the kinds of jobs you are capable of performing. Make a list of your most valuable talents or trades.
  • Select whether you’ll charge by the hour or by the project. You may do a combination of the two. Don’t forget to include the cost of materials.
  • Determine your productivity rate, or the average amount of time it takes you to do certain tasks. Comparing your output rate to national norms will help you figure out where you fit in and if you can charge a higher hourly rate for your services.
  • Finally, when you compose your estimate, be sure you’re considering your labor requirements. If you want someone else to help with clean-up or debris collection, for example, you’ll need to account for their charges as well.

By being careful and methodical while making your proposal, you’ll find yourself boosting your business and optimizing your revenue.

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