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At BizInsure, we want to offer you the most suitable insurance products at competitive prices. That is why we have teamed up with Builders & Tradesmen’s Insurance Services (BTIS) to sort out your contractor insurance. BTIS is committed to offering products tailored towards builders and tradespeople that are easy to access and give exceptional value. Our partnership is grounded by our shared belief in fostering solid relationships with our customers and providing quality industry-specific products.

BTIS brings its small business attitude nationwide through the BizInsure site, offering contractors’ General Liability insurance coverage through their insurer partner, Clear Springs. Through unparalleled customer service coupled with cutting edge technology, sorting out your insurance has never been easier. Just choose your quote and fill in your details, and you’ll be helping your next project come to life in no time.

Why do contractors need General Liability insurance?

Independent contractors perform vital work on job sites that help building projects come to life. Of course, this comes with risks that you may need to protect your small business against.

If you were to damage a client’s property while completing work for them, you’ll likely be asked to compensate the client for their loss. But what if your client sues you or asks for damages beyond what your business can afford? General Liability insurance could help cover these expenses, so you’re not struggling to pay out of pocket or forced to close your business.

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You can relax knowing you’ve secured the right insurance and the right price with BizInsure. We allow you to compare multiple quotes so you can compare cost and coverage.

What is General Liability insurance for Contractors?

General Liability insurance can protect you against third-party claims regarding injury or damage to their property. A policy covers your legal expenses stemming from these types of claims, as well as your cost to replace or remedy the situation, up to the limits of liability. General Liability insurance may also be referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) or “slip and fall” coverage.

Importantly, General Liability insurance can help protect whether you are at fault or not. Even a claim or lawsuit that is without merit can be expensive for contractors to defend against. Your General Liability policy can help pay attorney’s fees and other court costs.

What does Contractor General Liability insurance cover?

A contractor General Liability insurance policy generally covers events, such as:

  • Damaging a third party’s property
  • Third-party bodily injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Product liability claims


If a client or other third party makes a claim against you, General Liability insurance will help you cover the costs associated with compensating them for their loss. This includes medical payments for bodily injuries and compensation for property damage and advertising harm.

Who needs General Liability insurance?

Independent contractors of all types may benefit from the protection that General Liability coverage can provide, including subcontractors and tradesmen. In fact, it may be required by some clients or employers that you work with.

BizInsure helps insure contractors and tradesmen, including:

  • General Contractors
  • Construction Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Painters

Even if you are not required to have General Liability insurance, having a policy may still be a wise decision. Accidents can happen, even if you’re being careful. The coverage provided by a General Liability policy could help keep a mishap from ruining your small business.

How much does General Liability insurance cost?

No two contractors are alike. Your insurance needs will likely differ from other contractors or tradesmen working in your area. Insurance companies use a range of factors to calculate your premiums, meaning that you may pay a different amount for General Liability insurance than others in your industry.

Some of the factors used to calculate General Liability premiums may include:

  • What type of work you do
  • Your experience and qualifications
  • The state, city, or geographic region where you work
  • The size and state of your business premises
  • How many employees you have
  • The amount of coverage you want or need
  • Your history of past claims


Receiving quotes from multiple insurers can help you form a better idea of how much General Liability insurance will cost for your small business. BizInsure can help you quickly compare policies to find options that may work for you.

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BizInsure understands that every contractor is unique and has unique insurance needs. We are proud to help contractors, subcontractors, and tradesmen find the General Liability insurance they want at prices designed with small businesses in mind.

We make it simple to find, compare, and buy business insurance. You’ll even receive proof of insurance instantly—so you can get back to work for your clients.

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You need insurance but don’t know what kind? BizInsure offers General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O), Workers Compensation Insurance, and Business Owner’s Policy, so you have plenty of options. Compare quotes and find out which policy is right for your company with BizInsure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of insurance should a contractor have?

As a contractor, you may consider General Liability insurance to help protect you against common on-the-job risks that you might face. This includes events, such as damaging a client’s property, if a vendor injures themselves on your premises, or an employee making unflattering comments about a client. General Liability insurance for contractors can help you compensate clients for their losses.

Contractors may also consider additional forms of coverage to help protect them against other common risks. Tools Coverage is one type of insurance that many contractors decide to purchase to help replace damaged or stolen tools. In some states, Worker’s Compensation insurance may be required for sole proprietors working in the construction industry, as well as for small businesses with employees.

Are contractors required to have insurance?

Certain types of business insurance may be required by law in some states. Please visit your state or local government website to learn more about the insurance requirements in your area for contractors and tradesmen.

Even if General Liability insurance is not required for contractors in your state, it may still be wise to have a policy. Without it, you will be responsible for providing compensation to clients if a claim is made against you. This can be expensive, potentially leaving you with substantial debts or forcing you to close your business.

General Liability insurance for contractors can help remove this burden and protect your small business financially.

Clients may require that you have a policy to work for them. This is often included in business contracts, and you might be asked to provide proof of your insurance before work begins.

Do contractors need General Liability insurance to lease commercial space?

General Liability insurance may be a requirement to lease commercial space, such as an office or warehouse. This helps the landlord reduce their own liability and insurance costs.

Your commercial landlord may ask for proof that you are insured before signing a lease. This is typically done by supplying them with a certificate of insurance, which you can get from your insurer. The landlord might also follow up annually or before renewing you lease to check that you are still adequately covered.

What is the difference between a policy holder, certificate holder, and an additional insured?

The policy holder is the individual contractor or business who has purchased the insurance policy. Their name appears on the policy, and they are also known as the “named insured” or simply as the “insured”.

A certificate holder receives the certificate of insurance (COI) as proof that the insured is has proper coverage. COIs do not allow the certificate holder to make a claim on a policy. They are solely used to show that coverage is in place at that moment. A certificate holder may follow up for renewal COIs to check that the insured still has adequate coverage.

An additional insured is a contractor or business that is added to the insurance policy by the insured. They are covered by the policy and can make a claim on it, if needed.

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