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Being a care provider is one of the most rewarding careers out there but the positives also come with some inherent risks.

Providing adequate care requires a level of personal and physical interaction that few jobs have. Unfortunately, if an unintentional mistake puts a client’s health at risk, the consequences can be severe for you and your business.

The BizInsure team understands the difficulties that come with running a home health business and being a provider.  We can help ensure you’ve got the protection you need to do your job without the worry.

If you’re a Home Health Aide

Ensure you’re covered for:

  • Professional Liability – This coverage will protect you from negligence claims that arise from performing your duties as a care giver. This can include legal costs and medical bills.
  • General Liability – A safeguard against any claims not related your care duties. You’ll be protected in the event of accidental damage to a client’s property or person.

If you’re a Home Health Business Owner

Consider coverage for:

  • General Liability – This will protect your business in scenarios such as an injury occurring on your premises. A slip and fall from an employee or client could cost you dearly.
  • Professional Liability – You can trigger this coverage in the event you’re sued for a negligent action by an employee. You can also request that employees have individual PL policies.

Pick up an insurance package

BizInsure also offers a Miscellaneous Medical Liability Package designed specifically for Home Health Care Professionals. This includes  General Liability, Professional Liability as well as Cyber Liability insurance.

We can help you:

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  • Access only top-quality insurers (A-rated or better)
  • Cover your business in minutes without the usual red tape


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