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Insurance for Independent Contractors Now Easier and More Affordable than Ever

The employment landscape is rapidly changing, thanks to improving technology, growing demand for worker independence and a recession that led many people to go into business for themselves as independent contractors (ICs). ICs are a rapidly expanding percentage of the overall work force – 31 percent of the US workforce is currently self-employed, and this number is expected to leap to 50 percent by 2020.

The problem with traditional insurance solutions

This dramatic shift in the work environment has led to a variety of changes – and challenges – for established organizations and the ICs that they work with. Many companies required the ICs to have insurance in place before an engagement begins, a factor that can put stress on a contractor and insurance brokers. In the past, working with ICs hasn’t been particularly efficient for most insurance companies, thus leading to higher premiums and protracted processes.

Due to the high costs and lengthy delays, it has been difficult, if not impossible, for many ICs to obtain the necessary coverage and begin contracts with their partners. As a result, some businesses ended up waiving their insurance requirements just to get projects off the ground or work with the best-qualified candidates. While this allowed companies to get moving on contracts, it exposed them to additional risk, particularly if they eliminated insurance mandates for all ICs they worked with. This is especially problematic because if something goes wrong, the individual likely has very little, if any, assets that can be used to offset a company’s exposure.

New options are available

BizInsure LLC launched to pioneer a new way of thinking for IC and small business insurance and is now being used by thousands of customers across the country. BizInsure is one of the first companies in the US to automate the process and by doing so; they have made the experience much more efficient and affordable for their customers.

IC’s and small business owners are able to complete the underwriting process themselves online or call a licensed agent to have it done for them or to ask questions. Either way, quotes and coverage comparisons are provided in a matter of minutes by multiple A-rated insurance companies. Customers pay by credit card, for as low as $35/month, and policy confirmation is emailed instantly to them and is also saved on BizInsure’s cloud-based platform for future access. The certificates can then be emailed instantly to their customers in order to begin the engagement.


Join the thousands of small business owners and independent contractors that are partnering with BizInsure to help service their IC insurance needs. BizInsure is the future of small business insurance and they believe that the convenience of technology is no substitute for great personal service. You can contact BizInsure today at www.bizinsure.com or 877-900-9990.

BizInsure LLC; CA DBA: Simple, Smart, BizInsure Insurance Agency LLC; NY DBA: BizInsure Services LLC; NH DBA: Simple, Smart, BizInsure Insurance Agency; PA DBA: BizInsure Services LLC State and DC Ins. License numbers can be found at www.bizinsure.com.

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