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Why do Landscapers need it?

Landscapers thrive on providing excellent services to their customers. BizInsure thrives on providing excellent insurance options to help protect landscapers in the event of an accident related to your business. We offer affordable and efficient insurance for Landscaping professionals that is customized to suit your needs.

Did you Know?

Your client may hold you responsible for damage to their property.

General Liability – Landscaping

This insurance is an essential part of any business. Your General Liability policy can protect you against any claim by an outside party regarding injury or damage to their property. In these instances, your policy will cover your legal expenses as well as your cost to replace or remedy the situation.

Coverage for Your Equipment

If you have expensive materials or equipment related to your business, it is important that you protect these in case of damage. If you purchase a policy with BizInsure, we can easily add this type of insurance to your program.

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