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JOBS Act: New Access to Start-up Funding

The idea of owning your own business has a lot of appeal. Many of us are drawn to the flexibility of our own hours, the opportunity to focus on what we’re passionate about and the potential for success with practically no limitations. There are other fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship however, and one of the most critical is the need to raise the money to make everything happen.

Recently the JOBS Act (also known as Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) was passed to make it easier for smaller start-up companies to raise capital. Notably this act authorizes “crowdfunding” which enables companies to solicit broadly for investment capital in new and exciting ways. This is potentially game changing for small businesses. The benefits may be significant however, as is always the case, the risks will also need to be considered.

One of the many benefits of working with BizInsure is that one of our parent companies, Woodruff-Sawyer, is comprised of true thought leaders in the insurance industry who are experts at making sure that these concerns don’t evolve into actual problems. Take a look at this article by Priya Huskins, Senior Vice President and Partner. She discusses the new JOBS Act and how “crowdfunding” and new rules about private companies are changing the way that companies are created. Priya also explores what the potential liability ramifications of the JOBS Act may be.

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Inc.com offers tips on best practices, 2min:17sec

BizInsure Guest Blogger: Priya Huskins, Editorial by Tanya Weliky

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