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About BizInsure

BizInsure is a leading Insure-Tech company located in the U.S. We offer a simplified, transparent and cost-effective way for small businesses to purchase insurance.

BizInsure provides nationwide access to competitively priced, customized insurance from high-quality (A-rated) insurance companies, and access to a licensed support team.

By combining insurance knowledge with technology expertise, BizInsure has optimized the online insurance buying experience – a huge leap forward for the world of business insurance in the U.S. We are committed to the small business community and we strive to foster innovation, efficiency and automation.

About The Scholarship

First Generation Scholarship

The BizInsure First Generation Scholarship was established to help first-generation students enrolled in business studies. The recipients of the scholarship will receive financial aid and gain an internship opportunity in BizInsure.

How to Apply

• In 850 words describe a small business idea that you would like to pursue before or after graduating from university and how you are planning to achieve results.
• Submit your academic transcript with the application before the close date.

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Who Can Apply?

• Enrolled at an accredited college or university in the U.S

• Enrolled at the undergraduate level

• Aged 18-year-old or older

• Be a first-generation student (a student is considered "the first generation" if neither of the student’s parents earned a college degree at the baccalaureate level or higher).

• Studying in the following degrees (or the equivalence of these degrees) in the business department:
Finance & Accounting
General Business

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Scholarship Arrangements

Value and Duration:

One winner will receive $2,000 and a three-month paid internship opportunity at BizInsure.

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Selection Criteria

• The social influence of the business idea
• Creativity, clarity, and thoughtfulness
• Academic performance
• Spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, and how well it addresses the question
• Face to face interview might be conducted for the internship opportunity

Apply for Scholarship Now
  • First Generation Scholarship
  • Who Can Apply?
  • Value and Duration:
  • Selection Criteria

Application Timeline

This scholarship opens till the 31st of July and the winner will be announced on the 30th of September.

Key Dates

July 31st

Application close. Please submit your application by July 31st.

September 30th

Scholarship winner announced.

Terms and Conditions

1. The applicants will be required to show evidence of their course enrollment. 2. The winner will be required to prove that he/she is a first-generation student. 3. Face to face interviews will be conducted at the BizInsure office for the internship position. 4. BizInsure office address: 222 Broadway Suite 6. Oakland, CA 94607. A video conference can be arranged for applicants not based in Oakland. 5. The $2,000 scholarship is a once-off payment after the scholarship is granted to the applicant. The $2,000 payment can be arranged without the student participating in the internship program. Each individual is eligible for one scholarship only. 6. Internship Program Details: This is a paid program, with work pay rates and benefits to be discussed with the applicants before internship commencement. Work hours will be based on the applicant's availability. 7. The three-month work placement can start on a mutually agreed date between BizInsure and the applicant. The three-month work placement will take place in Oakland, CA. The accommodations and travel expenses are not covered by BizInsure. 8. The three-month work placement is at the total discretion of BizInsure. 9. Only applicants who meet the application criteria for the scholarship will be contacted by BizInsure. 10. If unsuccessful, applicants can resubmit their application in the next round.

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