Why BizInsure?

BizInsure is the future of business insurance

We provide everything you expect from a traditional insurance agent (knowledge, advocacy, professionalism, multiple quotes, industry influence), PLUS all of the convenience and affordability that comes with technology. ‘Click or Call’ today to easily compare quotes from the highest rated insurance companies in the country. We’re backed by 100 years of insurance industry expertise and quite frankly, we provide the most convenient and reliable insurance purchasing experience available.

Short application and intuitive user experience

We don’t waste your time. Starting with as few as 10 questions to obtain access to multiple quotes, we offer an intuitive end-to-end experience resulting in immediate policy delivery. Our real-time underwriting system allows you to rate, quote, bind and purchase your custom insurance policy in one easy 10 minute transaction. After completing our streamlined online application process, you can even print your own proof of insurance. Our customers benefit directly from the efficiency of our cutting-edge technology and proven online process. Click here for an example of our simple three-step process.

Our online model commands better pricing

By buying directly from BizInsure, top-tier companies aggressively compete for your business and we are able to obtain the best rates possible. Our model drives efficiency and lowers costs while flexible payment options make our solutions easy to manage on any budget. Relationships with the country’s largest, most reputable carriers, allow us to offer policies for as little as $40 a month. As rates continue to improve over time, we will make sure that our customers are among the first to benefit.

We offer unbiased coverage comparison from multiple carriers

We provide side by side comparison of coverage options from the country’s largest, most reputable carriers. As rates continue to improve over time, we will make sure that our customers are among the first to benefit.

Support from real people when you need us

Although the process is streamlined and automated to save costs, you’re never left out in the cold. We believe that human interaction is still an incredibly important option to have available when purchasing professional liability insurance. Our friendly, knowledgeable, licensed support team is available at every stage of the process to help with anything a traditional agent would help you with – complete the application process, answer questions about your policy, file a claim, get ready for renewal, etc. After your purchase, as your business grows and evolves we provide ongoing service to help you stay on top of your insurance requirements over time.  Complete online or call us at 1-877-900-5115.

We know insurance, we know technology

BizInsure is the product of two influential companies with proven expertise in this market.  WS & Co. Is one of the largest and most respected independent commercial insurance brokerage firms for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations. BizCover is a pioneer in the online delivery of insurance solutions. BizInsure is the only company able to offer the simplicity and efficiency of an online buying experience, backed by the peace of mind that comes with proven commercial insurance expertise.

We only work with top-tier insurance companies

BizInsure’s customers directly benefit from WS&Co.’s influence and longstanding relationships with the most reputable companies in the country. Currently we work with CNA, Hiscox, Liberty, and Philadelphia. For more details on our highly-rated companies, visit our partner information page.

Custom policies meet the specific needs of each profession

We work only with insurers who have a healthy appetite for the specific needs and risk profiles of independent professionals and small businesses that provide professional services. Currently we serve 300 occupations and over time we plan to include more. Custom insurance means only paying for what you need, nothing more.

Pay annually, quarterly or monthly – whatever works best for you

BizInsure makes it easy to incorporate business insurance into your budget. While some may find it easier to pay in one lump sum, others may prefer quarterly installments or to piggyback their payments at the same time as their other monthly expenses. We’re flexible and offer all three options to you.

Small businesses are our focus, not our side business

We know and love small businesses. As a private company ourselves, we understand that simple, efficient and cost effective solutions are always better. We also understand that over time your needs may change and we offer flexible options that are customized to your specific and evolving needs. Insurance is necessary and we provide pressure-free, forward-thinking protection that allows you to able focus on your core business.

21st Century QHC agency for Home care insurance company.
Tie J.
Andrea Mcgee was great to work with
Audra M.
Customer representative extremely professional and courteous!
DJ Jeff B
I wanted to add another letter to one word on my street, and the website allows me to do that, and it took less than 5 minutes for them to approve the amendment. How wonderful, I love their service very much.
Ema F.
Representative was very kind, helpful, and educated me well. I appreciated today's experience.
Tina P.
Thanks for the overall service. The rates were great, and they were able to cover the services that was needed. Please call BIZinsure for your commercial needs.
Cheequanda M.
Responsive and easy
Crime R.
I have used BizInsure for 2 years and they make the renewal process quick and easy.
hospicecare 4.
Excellent business and great people! They have out done our prior insurance of 23 years! Keep up the good work!
James F
Very satisfied with the application process, Andrea was very helpful and friendly. Great service ! Thank you !
Don C.
No waiting !!!
Renee G.
Very good company to do business with.
Jeff M.
Teven Lous was wonderful to work with. Thank you
Valerie K.

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