9 Awesome Careers for Freelance Writers

Mar 27, 2023 · 7 minutes to read

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Getting paid to write is a dream for many people. Writing careers are a popular choice for aspiring freelancers. It’s relatively easy (and inexpensive) to get started, and you can typically work from anywhere in the world.

There are many jobs for writers that can launch a successful small business while testing your creativity and writing skills. This article covers nine of them, plus why you may want to protect yourself with insurance for writers.

Why start a writing career?

Freelance writing careers are a way to put your writing skills to work. You’ll be responsible for crafting quality content day in and day out. Your creativity, attention to detail, and knowledge of grammar will certainly be put to the test.

Writing careers are also a popular option for many people wanting to start a freelance business. There’s very little needed to get started—a laptop, a reliable internet connection, and a license for your business are the basics. Set up a professional website, and you may be ready to accept your first client!

Finally, as a freelancer, you’ll have more control over your career. You can set a schedule that fits your day and only work with the clients you choose. You’ll also set your rates, giving you more control over how much you can earn per hour. You can even work remotely from anywhere—just imagine getting paid to write on a beach, mountain ski lodge, or as you make your way around the world!

What are the drawbacks of a writing career?

Like any job, there are pros and cons to being a writer. There are also challenges in running your own freelance business.

Writers may experience burnout or writer’s block from time to time. However, your clients or editor will still expect you to produce work. As a freelance writer, you need to learn how to push through these periods and quickly get your groove back.

As a business owner, you’re responsible for all parts of your business—and we do mean all parts. On top of writing, you’ll also need to do the bookkeeping and accounting, search for new clients, respond to emails and queries, advertise your business, and update your professional social media accounts. If something goes wrong, it’s up to you to fix it.

9 Career options for freelance writers

There are many types of writing jobs that you might choose from when establishing your business. Here are nine of the most popular to help kickstart your inspiration.

1. Journalist

When you think “writing careers”, this might be the first that pops into your head. Journalists know how to sniff out a story and how to make it interesting to read. A large part of your job will be doing research and checking your facts. As a journalist, you may work under tight deadlines as a publication goes to print.

Essential skills for journalists: Research and fact-checking, excellent listening and interviewing, persuasive writing, knowledge of media laws and legislation, thrive in fast-paced environments.

2. Copywriter

In the advertising world, copywriters help craft creative work for ads, video scripts, and emails. They are ideas people who thrive under tight deadlines. You need to be comfortable with using your talents to sell things—the primary purpose of the job!

Essential skills for copywriters: Creativity, ablity to learn from constructive criticism, team player, ability to keep up with industry news and trends.

3. Blogger

Bloggers are one-part journalist and one-part content writer. Depending on the type of blogging you do, your job may require research, interviewing subjects, or using persuasive writing techniques. Basic search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge may also be essential to helping your content rank on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Essential skills for blogger: Creativity, ability to write quickly, persuasive writing, a good handle on SEO.

4. Social media content writer

A niche variety of copywriting, social media content writing involves creating written content for social media accounts. Many businesses and individuals hire freelance social media writers to help them post regular content to their profiles.

Essential skills for social media content writers: Social media savvy, ability to stay on top of trends across multiple platforms, basic SEO knowledge.

5. Technical writer

Is your previous work experience in an industry like healthcare, science, finance, or the law? Technical writing might be a perfect fit. Technical writers make technical information easy to read and understand. You could work on different types of documents, from user guides and system manuals to white papers and journal articles.

Essential skills for technical writers: Attention to detail, clear and concise writing style, editing and proofreading.

6. Bid & grant writer

Organizations often hire bid and grant writers to help them prepare documents to secure funding or win new business. Bid and grant writing may be a great option if you have previous experience working with non-profits or in education. Construction is another industry where bid and grant writers are in high demand.

Essential skills for bid & grant writers: Collaboration, strong organization skills, clear and concise writing style, research and fact-checking, able to see the big picture.

7. Author

If you’re a natural storyteller, you might try becoming an author. You’ll work on your own manuscripts and send them to firms in hopes of being published. Successful authors may be commissioned by their publisher to write a novel, a collection of short stories, or other types of books. Self-publishing is also becoming more attainable thanks to the popularity of ebooks.

Essential skills for authors: Creativity, storytelling, self-motivation, ablity to learn from constructive criticism, resilience.

8. Ghostwriter

For some writers, working behind the scenes on someone else’s book is more their speed. Ghostwriters are commissioned to help clients (typically celebrities and media personalities or professional writers) to help them gets words on the page. Your name usually won’t appear on the front of the book, but your hard work is essential to getting it published!

Essential skills for ghostwriters: Collaboration, excellent listening and interviewing, storytelling, research and fact-checking, strong editing, able to set your ego aside.

9. Editor

Have a keen eye for detail? Know the rules of grammar back to front? You may have the makings of a top-notch editor. Editors apply their writing skills and knowledge to make others’ work perfect. How involved you are in the editing process may vary. For example, developmental editors take a bird’s eye view and help shape its overall structure. Proofreaders scrutinize every letter, comma, and phrase to eliminate typos and other mistakes.

Essential skills for editors: Detail-oriented, strong grasp of language and grammar, able to communicate concepts clearly to others, able to provide constructive feedback.

Consider insurance for writers

The nine careers listed above are just a few of the many jobs for writers that are available. With time and reflection, you may be able to choose the best option for you. Your freelance writing business might focus on providing one or several of these services to your future clients.

No matter what types of writing jobs you’re considering, you may also want to consider business insurance.

Business insurance for writers protects your bank accounts against claims and lawsuits that writers face every day. From trademark infringements and defamation claims to simple mistakes and accidents, coverage is available to help your business weather unexpected bills that could end your writing career.

BizInsure offers insurance for writers that is designed to meet the unique needs of your profession. Compare coverage options from A-rated (or higher) insurers from across the country and get protected in as little as 10 minutes.

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