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Why do Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios need it?

Yoga is one of the most popular health practices today, with thousands of devout yoga practitioners embracing yoga as a ritual and way of life. However, because of its popularity, it has also attracted the attention of personal injury lawyers. Yoga is an intense practice, with varying levels of skill needed to reap its full benefits. With the added stress of individual and group sessions, accidents can happen. This is why BizInsure specializes in providing customized yoga insurance that covers exactly what you do.

Did you Know?

Outdoor fitness programs and exercise sessions may require permission from the local park authorities. It is important to research your city code regarding the use of such venues before you conduct outdoor fitness classes.

Professional Liability Insurance (aka E&O insurance) – Yoga Instructors and Yoga Studios

Professional Liability coverage is specifically related to the instruction that you are providing. An example of this would be if a session is more advanced for the individual or your suggested pose causes someone to slip and hurt themselves. This policy covers claims of alleged negligence, mistakes, omissions and errors related to the instruction or service that you provide. Your Professional Liability policy may cover legal expenses and other resulting damages that you may be found liable for.

General Liability – Yoga Instructors and Yoga Studios

A General Liability policy offers coverage when someone gets hurt or if their property gets damaged as a result of your business (but not necessarily as a result of your instruction- see Professional Liability below). These incidents may happen during class, after class, or not related to class at all. This policy covers any incidents related to the classes you provide or your operations in general.

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