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Discovering your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes a winning difference for small business professionals?

If you get in a boat without a compass or a map, you may never reach your destination. For a sole proprietorship or a company of 10,000 people, a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) serves as a beacon in open waters helping you focus on (who you are and) where you want to be.

Whether you’re a consultant or a small business professional, if you and/or your employees can’t articulate specific reasons why prospects should do business with you instead of your closest competition, there’s a problem. No matter how great the potential of your business may be, not having a strong, reliable answer to, “What makes your offering unique and valuable?” will, eventually, impact your growth.

History has proven that when applied with dedication and consistency, a well-crafted and strategically disseminated USP can help companies take fuller advantage of their existing strengths. Once you’ve identified your USP, your marketing efforts will be a lot easier and you can use it as the foundation of your marketing strategy across all mediums.

1)       Identify a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Define what makes you unique in the marketplace
  • Describe your ideal customer
  • Explain what issue you resolve
  • List your key benefits
  • State your offering

2)       Rephrase until it’s clear and concise

3)       Reiterate and reinforce it (to employees and customers)

4)       Revisit it regularly to see if anything has changed


As a startup ourselves, we’re still refining ours but as of today, BizInsure’s “Just do it.” is this:

Business insurance just got smarter. BizInsure is the only professional liability insurance provider that enables independent professionals and small to midsized businesses to compare multiple quotes, purchase online, and receive a custom policy immediately upon payment. Our simplified, transparent, cost-effective end-to-end process is complimented by responsive service, and backed by nearly 100 years of insurance industry expertise. BizInsure is not just a new way of buying business insurance; it’s a better way.

Some seafarers can read the stars to get to their destination. Others are willing to let the current take them and make the best of fate. Still others make decisions based on a gut feeling. As insurance professionals, we prefer to hedge uncertainty and recommend having a plan. Our plan is to develop and deliver a great service, be best informed about our industry, act on opportunities that benefit our customers, adjust any weaknesses that may become apparent and to make ongoing improvements with decisive action and relentless consistency. As we evolve, so will our USP.

BizInsure guest blogger: Tanya Weliky

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