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Promote Your Landscaping Business Without Busting the Bank

Your lawn care business is officially open, you did little to no promotion and your phone won’t stop ringing off the hook… said no one ever. But have no fear: Even though launching a new business can be difficult, a good balance of self-promotion and personal references can propel any business in the right direction.

1.     Define your mission: This sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised. Think of a time when someone asked what you do for a living or what services your business offers. More times than not, those answers were laced with “uhs” and “ums” as you fumbled through your company’s services or products. Start by identifying what your company actually does, what you offer to consumers, or what void your business is filling. If you’re the only landscaping business in town that fertilizes and prunes shrubs, let it be known. Doing this will help you define your mission and establish your hold in the marketplace.

2.     Get a website: It’s safe to say that websites add a level of legitimacy to a product or service. Most consumers use the internet to search for products or services before they invest, usually starting with the company’s homepage. But it’s a win/win for both parties. A website is the perfect opportunity to provide your curious consumers with details about every product and service you offer, as well as testimonials from references or even news outlets. If your lawn care company was featured in the local newspaper or if your managers were recognized as experts in the industry, own it! Add a blog or news section to your website where you can proudly boast about your company’s achievements.

3.     Free marketing resources are your friends: Advertising can often be expensive, and it doesn’t always translate directly into increased sales. Before you dive headfirst into thousands of dollars worth of paid advertising, start your promotions in your community’s free resources like Craigslist or the local paper. A new lawn care business is the perfect candidate for a free Craigslist ad as it gives the business owner the chance to share its mission, promote its website and list its qualifications. They may choose to list that they possess landscaping liability insurance or that they’re owned by a larger franchise. These details are often left out of newspaper ads or billboards, but they provide consumers with more than enough information to schedule an initial appointment.

4.      Always ask for feedback: With a seemingly limitless availability of products and services these days, there’s one thing always helps businesses stand out amongst the rest: positive feedback. This is even more true for new products or services. Whether its testimonials on your website or word-of-mouth referrals, tap into your network and ask for feedback. Ask your friends and family (who have honestly used your landscaping services) to express their opinion. Nothing beats a positive review.

5.     Research paid advertising: One of the most critical elements of launching a new business is understanding your target consumers and knowing where to reach them. But before you dump thousands of dollars into yellow page ads and billboards, do your research. Find out exactly who your target audience is and how to reach them. If your business appeals to an older demographic, maybe the yellow pages is the place for you. If college kids are your target, a Facebook ad campaign is probably a better bet. Advertising dollars go a lot further when they’re spent in the right place.

Promoting your landscaping business isn’t always easy, especially in an overly saturated market. The most important thing for a lawn care business owner to do is define the company’s mission and identify its target audience. Every marketing decision made after that will be directly correlated to the mission and the initial research, which will most likely result in a sustainable and lucrative business.

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