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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy the number of small businesses in Colorado is 691,230 as of 2022, and they make up 99.5 percent of businesses in the state. Small companies are the main factor in Colorado’s economic expansion. They added over 261,683 new jobs to the state economy.

The five top industries for Colorado small-sized businesses include:

  1. Social Assistance and Health Care
  2. Accommodation and Food Services
  3. Construction
  4. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  5. Retail

Many small businesses are finding that they need security measures to safeguard their expanding business. Professional Liability insurance in The Centennial State is one way that companies can protect the things they’re creating.

What is Professional Liability insurance?

Customers are becoming more difficult to please because of the increased competition. Regardless of how meticulous you are when completing your task, even small errors can snowball into a dispute and consequently a claim. You may also be exposed to liability if you give advice or design custom solutions for clients.

Professional Liability insurance protects you from claims raised due to unintentional mistakes made in the professional capacity. Clients typically file claims when they assert financial loss resulting from your products, services, or employees.

You may be sued if the product you’ve created doesn’t perform as expected or when your advice causes financial loss for the client. The lawsuit could assert that you made a mistake when you worked or that your work wasn’t up to par. But if you are protected by Professional Liability insurance in Colorado, you as well as your company will be protected from third-party claims that result from an error in professional practice or inattention.

What does Professional Liability insurance cover?

Even if the claim isn’t valid, legal costs and court costs can easily run into the thousands. This financial burden could have a negative impact on entrepreneurs with small businesses. The liability claims can lead to business closure or even bankruptcy in the most extreme instances.

Professional Liability coverage typically pays for:

  • Legal Costs Legal representation doesn’t come cheap, and lawyers typically charge an hourly rate.
  • Court costs includes filing documents with the court and underwriting charges.
  • Settlements – If your client agrees to settle outside of court, you could be saved from a long-drawn-out litigation process, but you’ll still need to pay a fee based on the advice of your attorney.
  • Judgments You’ll need to pay the court’s amount if the case goes to trial.

It is important to note that Professional Liability insurance in Colorado will cover your losses even if they’re not at fault. Unsubstantiated claims are just as expensive to resolve as those that do have merit. Protecting your business and reputation professionally by purchasing a Professional Liability policy can ensure that you don’t end up paying for the entire cost.

What isn’t included?

Professional Liability insurance protects businesses from the typical risk risks they could encounter. It is important to understand that this insurance doesn’t cover everything. If you have events that aren’t covered by your insurance, you might need to search for alternative coverage options such as:

  • The commercial property you own or your property
  • Property of clients damaged or property of third party
  • Injury or illness related to work for employees
  • Your premises may be the victim of third party injuries
  • Business interruptions

BizInsure offers other types of insurance that could help shield your business against the risks that small-sized businesses face. To better protect their business from a range of risks that could affect them, Colorado small-business owners may also consider General Liability and Workers’ Compensation

Who might need Professional Liability insurance in Colorado?

Professional Liability insurance is offered to both individuals and businesses that offer professional services. It covers such things as developing solutions, providing advice to clients, making educated suggestions, or representing others’ needs.

Colorado Professional Liability insurance is often considered by the following occupations:

Architects Notary Publics 
Consultants Personal Trainers
Engineers  Pilates Instructors 
Home Care Providers and Businesses Yoga Instructors 

It is clear that a Professional Liability insurance policy in Colorado can be beneficial to many professions. If your small business provides advice or services, represent the interests of others on their behalf or engages in any other activities that leave you open to liability claims You might want to think about having an insurance policy in place to protect you and your business.

Is Professional Liability insurance required in Colorado?

To obtain an official license or work in a specific field, professional associations may require members to carry minimum levels Professional Liability coverage. The websites of any professional organization you belong to should have more information regarding their Professional Liability insurance requirements, if they exist.

Clients might also require Professional Liability insurance in order to collaborate with them. It is usually written into a business contract. Prior to signing the contract and beginning work on the project, you may need to provide evidence of insurance.

It’s nevertheless advisable to have a Professional Liability policy even though you aren’t required to. Without it, you’ll likely pay claims for liability out of your own pockets, which could be financially damaging to your business and personal savings too.

How much does Professional Liability insurance cost?

In Colorado, the average annual cost for Professional Liability insurance is $664 per year. Liability policy is different because each one is customized to meet the particular needs of the small business they cover.

A variety of elements are utilized by insurance firms to decide how much you will be charged regularly for Professional Liability insurance (commonly called the “premium”). These are some of the factors that will affect the cost of Professional Liability insurance costs.

  • The nature of your business and the degree of risk involved – Like any kind of insurance, the higher the chance of being a victim, the higher the cost to meet those risks.
  • The amount and the turnover of your company’s turnover and size. Larger projects, or higher volumes of work, increase your risk.
  • The individuals being covered – The person’s abilities or ability to carry out their duties, as well as whether any claims have been filed against the person.
  • The field in which you work
  • The history of previous claims
  • The required insurance coverage

A special insurance coverage is needed for professionals. This insurance will give you the essential protection that you need.

Does Professional Liability insurance come with General Liability coverage?

No, General Liability covers bodily injuries and property damage suffered by vendors, customers as well as other members of the general public. Professional Liability protects your business from omissions and deadlines that are missed.

Recommended reading: General Liability vs. Professional Liability insurance

As with any insurance, coverage will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this guide is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. The number of quotes provided varies between products, occupations and other underwriting factors determined by the insurers.
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