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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, South Carolina is home to more than 463,59 small businesses. South Carolina’s economy is driven by small-scale businesses that comprise 99.4 percent of companies in the state. The state also added more than 190,000 new jobs during the year 2022.

The top five industries in South Carolina for small-sized businesses are:

  1. Accommodation and Food Services
  2. Health Care and Social Assistance
  3. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  4. Construction
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You may want to safeguard your business from common risks regardless of the industry you work in. One method to do this is to purchase Professional Liability insurance. This insurance policy protects your business from lawsuits which could have a devastating impact on your company.

What is Professional Liability insurance?

South Carolina’s Professional Liability insurance is a great choice for small-scale businesses that provide professional services to their clients or provide advice to them.

It’s a form of insurance that protects your business and you in the case of a lawsuit based on allegations of professional misconduct. The insurance shields your business from accusations of negligence, error or false representation. It is usually alleged that the products, services or employees of your company resulted in financial loss to your clients.

Imagine, for instance that you offered an expert service to your customer that wasn’t suitable for them. After having used your service, the client suffered personal and financial losses. They bring a lawsuit against you. The Professional Liability policy can help you cover the cost of protecting your company.

What does Professional Liability insurance cover in South Carolina?

Professional Liability insurance in South Carolina is a protection against:

  • Error or mistake
  • Omission
  • Deadlines not met
  • Services that are not delivered
  • Negligence
  • Contract breach

The Professional Liability policy will cover the costs of defending your business in the event that there is a claim made against you. The policy covers attorney’s costs, underwriting and documentation costs, administrative costs, settlements and judgements.

In South Carolina, Professional Liability insurance covers you against the actual and alleged losses which may arise from your work. Even if a lawsuit proves not based on merit, it could nevertheless be expensive.

The Professional Liability insurance policy safeguards your company by covering legal expenses. The company would be responsible for the expenses without having a policy. This could result in the business failing or even going bankrupt. In the event of a disaster, a Professional Liability policy could save you money by paying legal expenses.

What is not covered?

Small businesses can get Professional Liability insurance. It doesn’t protect against every risk your company could be exposed to. To ensure your business is protected you might need to buy additional types of insurance.

The above and other types of coverage are available to small-business proprietors in South Carolina.

  • General Liability – This insurance shields your company from lawsuits that could result in injuries to the body and property.
  • Business Owner’s Policy – Also known as a BOP, is an insurance combination that includes General Liability as well as Business Personal Property insurance to safeguard small businesses from expensive interruptions in service.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Workers’ Compensation insurance safeguards against lawsuits and medical expenses that could result from workplace accidents or illnesses. Insurance can pay for the loss of wages in case employees are injured while at work.

Who needs Professional Liability insurance?

In South Carolina, Professional Liability insurance is beneficial to a variety of types of companies and professionals. It is a good idea for businesses that provide guidance or provide educated suggestions that are based on specific knowledge or experience, as well as design solutions, or represent the interests of others on behalf of them.

Professional Liability insurance safeguards your company’s assets, profits and reputation from enormous cost of litigation (whether they are justifiable or not).

The following professions could need Professional Liability insurance:

Architects Notary Publics 
Consultants Personal Trainers
Engineers  Pilates Instructors 
Home Care Providers and Businesses Yoga Instructors 

It is evident the different types of professionals that typically buy Professional Liability insurance vary. It is worth considering the type of work you job in case you’re not sure if this kind of insurance is appropriate for your company and.

If your company is involved in any of the following types of activities, it may be essential to think about Professional Liability insurance.

  • Provide regular advice or suggestions to your customers.
  • Develop solutions or products that are distinctive for customers and customers
  • Represent the interests of the client on behalf of the client
  • Other professional services available to clients and customers
  • Employers who are able to do all of the above are encouraged.

Does South Carolina require Professional Liability insurance?

Certain professional associations require that members carry Professional Liability Insurance. It is sometimes required to keep minimum coverage levels in order to renew your license, or to work in the industry. The official website of your professional organization should include information about the insurance requirements for their members.

Clients might also demand that you carry Professional Liability insurance prior to when they work with you. This clause could be in contracts for business, and you may be required to provide proof of insurance prior to start working with a client.

It could be an excellent idea to buy Professional Liability insurance, even though it’s not required. A lot of customers want to know that the companies or professionals they employ are insured. Your policy demonstrates your professionalism to your clients and shows that you’re prepared to protect your name if required.

What is the price of Professional Liability insurance in South Carolina?

The price of Professional Liability insurance may differ widely. In The Palmetto State, the average cost for Professional Liability is approximately $731 per year.
The costs of Professional Liability insurance are greatly influenced by the kind of profession it protects. The more expensive the premium, the more dangerous the job.

The following elements are crucial in determining the amount of Professional Liability insurance is worth:
• The volume and size of your company – more contracts typically mean higher risk.
• You’ll pay more for greater insurance.
• The individuals covered Are they able to demonstrate the necessary qualifications to perform the job they do and have they any prior claims or claims?
• Your personal claim history. If you’ve made similar claims in the past policy, the amount of your insurance policy could be greater.

Is Professional Liability the same as E&O coverage?

Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance offer the same protection. It can protect you from claims arising from negligence, fraud, and mistakes. The insurance policy covers the cost of defending against the case and also any settlements or damages.

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How to get Professional Liability insurance for South Dakota business?

BizInsure allows you to compare Professional Liability insurance policies and find the top insurance firms in the U.S. Get comprehensive cover at an affordable price.

As with any insurance, coverage will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this guide is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. The number of quotes provided varies between products, occupations and other underwriting factors determined by the insurers.
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