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Business Insurance for Maine Carpenters

Carpenters are an essential part of The Pine Tree State’s industry of construction. They provide services throughout the entire process of a construction project, from assembling the framework, to putting together the final touches to a building. Carpenters’ insurance for Maine businesses could help protect your growing small business.

Learn about the carpenters’ insurance (the various forms of coverage a carpenter might consider) available in Maine. Find out how BizInsure can compare several quotes offered by A-rated carriers.

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Common types of carpenters business insurance in Maine

There are a variety of insurance available for carpentry professionals in Maine which can safeguard both you and your employees.

General Liability insurance

Even small accidents could create major issues for a carpentry company.

Injuring someone else or causing damage to their property even if you do it by accident, can result in costly bills or calls for reimbursement. That’s why many carpenters look into General Liability insurance for their business.

Your General Liability policy can protect you against any claim by an outside party regarding injury or damage to their property. In these instances, your policy will cover your legal expenses as well as your cost to replace or remedy the situation up to the limits of liability.

Workers’ Compensation insurance

Workers’ Compensation insurance protects your company and its employees. If any of your employees get injured at work or are ill, this type of insurance will cover their medical bills. It will also cover some of their lost income if they’re unable to work because of the injury, as well as rehabilitation or physical therapy to transition the employee back into the workplace.

Workers’ Compensation policies are mandated by Maine’s insurance laws for companies with at least one employees.

Who may need carpenters insurance in Maine?

Many small business owners want to protect their small businesses from potentially devastating liability claims.

  • Self Employed Carpenters – Owning a business is exciting, but also comes with a lot more responsibility. A General Liability policy will help you to manage the risks of the liability.
  • Commercial Carpenters – Whether your company is a subcontractor or there are multiple carpenters in it, a General Liability insurance policy can help protect both your business and your employees against third-party claims.
  • Contractors – Not only carpenters should be covered! A contractor who specializes in any field, such as electrician or handyman is also able to obtain General Liability insurance to protect their company.

What is typically covered by carpenters insurance in Maine?

General Liability insurance for contractors, including carpenters, provides coverage for claims and lawsuits that result from:

  • Injuries sustained by an uninvolved third party
  • Damage caused to a property belonging to a third party

General Liability insurance for carpenters will cover your business regardless of the validity of a claim. False claims are just as expensive to defend as valid ones. Insurance can aid in protecting your work from being damaged by an unfounded allegation.

How much does insurance cost for carpenters in Maine?

Every business and every carpenter is distinct. In order to determine the cost of insurance, you will be asked for information about your business. Therefore, your carpenters’ policy in Maine could be significantly different from the policies of other carpenters or contractors.

The factors that can determine the cost of your insurance for business include:

  • Business size – The amount of money you earn from your business is typically measured by its annual revenue.
  • Business location – A carpenter who works in Portland could pay more than a carpenter in Lewiston or Bangor.
  • The number of employees – The more people who are covered by an insurance policy will result in more expensive premiums.
  • Coverage level – You may have to pay more if you want a higher coverage.
  • Claims history – Carpenters with multiple past claims could be required to pay more than a carpenter who has not yet made one.

Prior to purchasing an insurance plan, many carpenters compare quotes from different insurance companies. By doing so, they can better understand the cost of coverage and choose policies that fit their requirements.

How BizInsure helps carpenters in Maine

The insurance company was designed for working professionals who are busy. It takes the stress out of buying insurance, so you can focus on expanding your business. You can also safeguard your business in the field of carpentry by securing it immediately.

Select the right coverage for you, look up quotes from top insurance companies and purchase your policy in only 10 minutes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does carpenter insurance cover your tools and equipment?

If you cause damage to someone else’s tools and equipment, your General Liability policy will cover it.

However General Liability insurance does not cover damage caused to your equipment or tools. You may be able to find policies specifically designed to protect yourself and your equipment.

How much insurance do I require as a carpenter in Maine?

You may require more insurance if you work on large, expensive projects. The chance of having an accident is higher. You may need to upgrade the amount of your General Liability cover if you are working on many projects.

As with any insurance, coverage will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this guide is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. The number of quotes provided varies between products, occupations and other underwriting factors determined by the insurers.
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