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Insurance for Home Health Professionals and Agencies in Washington

Home health aides offer the best care possible to their patients. You know how vital it is that people can live comfortably in their own homes. While it is vital to provide support for others, who is providing you with support?

BizInsure makes finding insurance for small businesses that can protect Home Health Aides in Washington easy. You can find insurance for home health providers anywhere in Washington, no matter where your work is located.

Why should you become a Washington Home Health Aide

There are many home health aides in every state, even Washington. This is a great opportunity to start a career as a healthcare professional and have a positive effect on the Evergreen State’s patients.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are approximately 97,730 personal and home care aides working in Washington. Over the next few decades, this number is expected to rise. The number of home health aides will rise by 25% between 2021-2031.

An average Washington home care aide/personal caregiver makes $37,900 annually, or $18.22 an hour. Washington’s homecare assistants might earn more in larger cities than they do in rural or smaller areas. In Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, the average annual salary for personal and home care aides is $38,150.

Why do home care providers need insurance in Washington?

Home health aides assist the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill. Your services help patients live safely and comfortably at home. This could lead to costly lawsuits or liability claims.

Accidents do happen. If you are found responsible, you may be required to compensate the victim or their family. It can be very costly to file lawsuits or claim. These can quickly drain your bank accounts and possibly ruin your career. Home care insurance in Washington can help home health aides, home healthcare agencies, and other care providers safeguard their finances.

Did you know?

General Liability insurance offers coverage against unfounded and actual claims made by third-parties.

Washington Home Healthcare Business Insurance

Home health aides, and other healthcare professionals, often look into various types of business insurance to protect themselves as they work.

General Liability Insurance

Also referred to as Commercial General Liability (CGL) or “slip and fall coverage”, this insurance can protect your business against bodily injury or property damage lawsuits from outside parties.

Your policy will cover legal expenses as well as the costs of fixing the situation, up to the policy limits. These protections cover both meritorious claims and those without merit.

What is usually covered?

General Liability Insurance provides coverage for lawsuits and claims arising from:

  • Infliction to the bodily integrity of a third party
  • Third-party property damage

You do not need to prove a claim to your General Liability policy. It also covers third party claims that have no merit. Baseless claims are often difficult to resolve. A General Liability policy gives home health aides and agencies greater security when caring for patients. It also protects their financial assets.

What isn’t usually covered?

Events such as these are not covered under your General Liability Policy

  • Workers’ comp and personal workplace injuries
  • Your property is at risk of being damaged
  • Intentional damage to the property of a third party
  • Your work may contain errors or mistakes

Your General Liability policy may not cover certain events. The policy documents will give you complete information about what coverage is available.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability insurance protects you from claims raised due to unintentional mistakes made in the professional capacity. It protects you from third-party professional negligence claims. You will be covered for meritless as well as true claims. Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance is another name for Professional Liability insurance.

What is usually covered?

Professional Liability Insurance covers legal expenses (including settlements and judgments) that could result from:

  • Professional services and advice may include errors, mistakes, or omissions
  • Neglect allegations
  • Service not delivered or missed deadlines
  • Contracts breach

These types of liability claims usually come from clients who claim that your work caused them financial loss. Even if there is no basis for a claim, Professional Liability Insurance policies offer coverage.

What isn’t usually covered?

The following events are excluded from Professional Liability insurance:

  • Infliction to the bodily integrity of a third party
  • Property damage to third parties
  • Personal workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims

For more information on Professional Liability coverage, please refer to the policy wording.

Miscellaneous Medical Liability package for home health care providers

Home health aides and agencies providing home care often require more than one type insurance to protect their business from different risks. BizInsure’s Miscellaneous Medical Liability Package combines many coverages that home-care businesses may be interested in. This policy includes both Professional Liability and General Liability insurance. Cyber Liability protects you from malicious software attacks, data breaches, and other incidents that could damage your business.

Who needs home care insurance in Washington?

Washington is home to many healthcare professionals.

  • Home Care Aides – Subcontractors, sole proprietors and independent contractors may require insurance to protect their patients and themselves.
  • Home Healthcare Agents – Protect your small business, and your employees with insurance to cover home health aide agencies.
  • Other Healthcare Practitioners – Nurses, physical therapists, carers, and other healthcare professionals may also be able to benefit from business insurance.

BizInsure offers liability insurance coverage for Washington home health professionals and caregivers. Start a quote to compare policies in minutes!

How much does Washington home healthcare insurance cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of Washington home healthcare insurance. This is because each home healthcare aide is unique and will impact the premium you pay for insurance.

Some of the factors used in calculating business insurance premiums include:

  • Are your qualifications and education – Have you been properly trained for your job? Are you licensed to work in Washington as a healthcare provider?
  • Wherever you live, Care providers who are based near cities such as Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue will likely be paid more than those who reside in less populous areas.
  • Your claims history An accumulation of past claims could lead to higher insurance premiums.
  • The level of coverage that you need. Higher coverage usually means higher premiums. Clients might require you to provide minimum coverage.

Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you to find home healthcare insurance that suits both your business and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the potential risks for home healthcare providers in Washington?

Washington home healthcare providers offer high-quality care for patients. There are unique risks associated with working in close proximity to others at home. Insurance can help you deal with many of the common risks you may encounter.

  • General Liability insurance – If a patient slips or falls, they may need to be taken to the emergency department. Accidentally, you accidentally break or knock over a valuable vase while visiting a patient’s residence. These are two common claims you might face as a home-health aide.
  • Professional Liability insurance – The ability to provide Professional Liability insurance is a key factor in the lives of patients and their families. A negligence lawsuit could be filed against you or another Professional Liability claim if you make a mistake or fail to meet their expectations.
  • Cyber Liability insurance – Home healthcare agencies might store sensitive patient data. Cyber Liability insurance will help you to repair any damage caused by a data breach.

BizInsure helps agencies and home health care professionals find the right business insurance to meet their unique needs.

What are the home health care license requirements in Washington?

To become a licensed home health aide in Washington, you generally need to follow these steps:

  1. Research and familiarize yourself with the requirements: Begin by reviewing the regulations and requirements for home health care licensing in Washington. The Washington State Department of Health website is a good starting point to gather information.
  2. Complete the necessary education and training: Typically, home health care aides are not required to have a specific license. However, they may need to complete a state-approved training program. Contact the Department of Health to inquire about approved training programs in your area.
  3. Obtain CPR and First Aid certification: Home health care aides are often required to have current CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid certifications. You can find training courses for CPR and First Aid from various organizations and providers.
  4. Complete a background check: Washington law may require individuals working in home health care to undergo a criminal background check. This check ensures the safety and well-being of clients. Check with the Department of Health or relevant agencies to understand the specific requirements and processes involved.
  5. Apply for a job with a licensed agency: Once you have the necessary education, training, and certifications, you can start applying for home health care aide positions. Many home health care agencies in Washington hire qualified individuals for this role. They will guide you through their specific application process and provide any additional training required.

It’s crucial to note that Washington state may have specific rules and regulations regarding home health care, so it’s advisable to consult the Washington State Department of Health or the appropriate licensing authority for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Remember to stay updated with any changes in the regulations and requirements, as licensing requirements can vary over time and across jurisdictions.

* As with any insurance, coverage will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this guide is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.
The number of quotes provided varies between products, occupations and other underwriting factors determined by the insurers.
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